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Increases the cost of underground belts to realistic amounts.

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This (very small) mod increases the cost of an underground belt from 5 transport belts and 10 iron plates to 6 transport belts and 12 iron plates (because a underground belt has a length of 6 belts in total (including the 2 end-points)) and the cost of fast underground belt from 20 iron gear to 30 iron gear (if you are playing 0.15.7 or higher, it works different (see change log), except if you turn reset_ugb_length in the config file to true: then the length of all underground belts is set to the ugb_length (in the config file) (default=6 (the game calls it 5 but including both end-points it is 6)). The mod now also includes a configuration file (config.lua) which allows both changes to be turned on or off seperately. Please read the change log about the new features in 0.3.0 and later.

Also available on the factorio mod portal: https://mods.factorio.com/mods/mathematics7/math7UTBCostIncrease

change log:
- Fixed a small bug in 0.3.0
- Added express underground belt (now you need to change a config setting to be compatible for 0.14 (the setting 'version')).
- Patched for 0.15.7 and higher (added 2 iron plate + 2 belts of the resulting underground belt).
- Added a config option (default disabled) to overwrite the change of 0.15.7 (and thus get back the original recipe cost).
If this setting is enabled you can even change the length of undergound belts to any number (both the entity and the recipe cost will be patched)
- Added increased cost for fast underground belt and a config file which allows to turn this new change off (on by default).
Initial release (only normal underground belt).

Creative Commens BY-NC-SA