Fable: The Lost Chapters
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v2.0.1 UPDATE: Quick hotfix and rolling back overreaching changes. A mod aiming to fix bugs and inconsistencies in Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Permissions and credits
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This mod aims to fix every bug and inconsistency present in Fable: The Lost Chapters by any and all means available. Below are a list of changes so far:

  • Fixed issue where Northern Wastes Balverines were using incorrect armour type, as opposed to their own unique one
  • Fixed issue where not enough melee weapon inventory slots were present to account for all obtainable weapons
  • Moved Sword of Aeons to its proper quest section in the Chamber of Fate level script
  • Fixed issue in which Physique and Heal Life skill videos would not play on Windows 10 due to header data
  • Removes poppy CoverValue due to broken mechanics and property inconsistency, and to remain consistent with the upcoming Unofficial Fable Anniversary Patch, where it's being removed due to inconsistencies between LEV data and UE3 landscape data
  • Fixed inconsistency where the teleport marker in the Heroes' Guild had half the radius of any other teleport marker or the marker for the experience pedestal opposite of it
  • Fixed issue where the Frying Pan had more augmentation slots than the augmentation interface would permit under normal circumstances
  • Lowered the teleporter pedestal in the Heroes' Guild to be level with the floor leading to it, and level with the experience pedestal opposite of it
  • Associated Wizard Hats with their respective suits
  • Fixed issue where Assassin Rush would be interrupted by a lack of walkable area beneath Guild Cave bridge

The Unofficial Fable Patch is being actively developed and more changes are likely to be added as time goes on.

Installation instructions
  1. On a clean, vanilla install of Fable, unpack the UFP archive into the root Fable folder (where Fable.exe is)
  2. Unpack the 2.0.1 hotfix archive into the root folder, overwriting 2 files
  3. Run UFP-patcher.bat
  4. If no errors were displayed in the main terminal window, the patch has been installed successfully

Install UFP before any other mod, as it should be overwritten by any other game modifications.