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Basicially making you a god. Alot things are buffed. All legendary weps have 7 augment slots, damage buffed and initial augments removed.
Also you are permanent 18, get no scars.
You can wear and draw weapons everywhere without penalty as well as use spell. ( Ofc they will still come after you if you kill/hurt someone. )

Permissions and credits

Base mana regen alot higher. ( No spell costs anymore anyway. )

Base HP per upgrade higher. ( 60/100/140/160/180/200/220/250 , the old max was 130 )

Both can be upgraded alot higher than usual. ( potions )

Better stealth ( decreased visibility multiplier )

More Max money ( & no money or reknown loss on death )

No more scars

No more morality decrease: You can steal, picklock, destroy and still be good ^^

Hero stays 18.

Cant get easily drunk ( 20 drinks = drunk, 50 drinks = vomiting ), reduced max vomit time to 10 sec.

( I think easier decapitation through higher chance cus I changed a multiplier but not tested. )



All augments now give some mana regen equal to what mana augments give in unmodded version of the game and Ive buffed mana augmentations
to give alot more mana.



All Legendary weapons now have 7 augmentation slot. I have removed all augmentations from all legendary weapons ( Except Sword of Aeon, it has 7 augments preinstalled ) so you can put the ones you want into them.

All ranged weapon projectiles speed increased by 6. This only applies to the ranged weapons the hero can use some bandits
have unique crossbows unique to them and some bandits have player crossbows so they will have increased projectile speed. This shouldnt really be an issue.

Crossbow damage increased to make up for how much slower they are compared to bows.

Skorm's Bow damage more than doubled.


Spells: ( Most spells are now OP )

Lightning is quite buffed = deals more dmg and can target more enemies with chain lightning.

Ghost swords only take 1% damage from all sources this way enemies will still target them and they can keep enemies off of you and help you do some damage, cant do much about their AI they are a little stupid in general ( well could do something but wouldnt help much cus they are just swords and their AI cant be too fancy anyway ). 
They last: Lv 1/2/3/4 = 300/400/500/600 seconds. To get rid of em you can still attack them.
New: Damage and speed buffed

Physical shield looping sound when its on removed + buffed.

Summon now lasts: Lv 1/2/3/4 = 600/1200/1800/36000 seconds. You can always kill it if you want to get rid of it.
( Also changed the starting pet to Assassin Bandit Lieutenant. (Bandit_Leader_Level3) )

Fireball projectile speed doubled. Damage and explosion range insanely buffed ( Lv 3 & 4 and only if you charge it )

Drain life projectile speed increased by 8x for the healing particles

Assassins Rush increased distance. Reduced the cooldown delay ever slightly so you can use it slightly more frequently.

Battle Charge rushes 50% faster.

All AoE skills have been buffed in range and damage.

Heal got buffed alot.

Slow Time slows the time at Lv4 around 3 times more ( Lv 1/2/3/4 = x2/x3/x5/x10 ) and durations are slightly increased ( 10/15/20/30 sec ).

Berserk gives a bit more strengt per rank.

Divine Fury & Infernal Wrath 
channeling time & Range & Damage tweaked  Lv 1/2/3/4 [ Channel 3/2/2/1 sec ; Range 20/30/40/50 ; Dmg 50/70/90/150 per tick ]


 I wrote most stuff down after I made changes and had initially no intention in publishing a mod, but I find it fun and wanted to share it (: so there might be some changes that arent listed )


Not compatible with anything that changes the game.bin file.

Before modifying:
Backup your game.bin ( or just rename it to like gameVanillaBackup.bin )

Locate your root folder for steam users right click your game on steam and go to properties and click on local files, click on browse. 
Something like ( Depends on your version )
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\CompiledDefs\Development
C:\Program Files (x86)\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\CompiledDefs\Development
Move your game.bin file or make a copy of it and keep it as a back up. Take my game.bin and drop it in. If prompted to replace the file, yes replace it.

Delete the game.bin and restore your backup to the name game.bin ( or if you saved it anywhere else just copy paste and replace )
Doing this will delete all mods that are made with the game.bin