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Overhauls Anniversary back to the original style

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W.I.P This mod is in very early stage!

Fable The Lost Chapter Remade aims to restore the lost art design from the original TLC release. This aims to restore the NPC and the Hero to look more to their original counter part as well as to restore deleted features.

The Hero:
The Hero of Oakvale has seen a big change in anniversary, after spending half a year messing with his files, I've remodeled and retextured his model  and also
restored the features mentioned below
  • Scars now visibly heal (Blooded at first then transforms into a scar)
  • Stubble is now visible (Strength, aging affects body hair) W.I.P
  • Morphing works as intended
I'm also working on making a proper hair material, but it's still in the experimental phase.

-This release is for those who want to help out beta testing, I am currently trying to find a way to easily upload these files in a package, any feedback is helpful
Thank you for your support!-

If you're interested on following the progress on this project here's the roadmap: https://trello.com/b/n2dFJKS1/fable-anniversary-the-lost-chapter