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This mod reduces almost all weapon augment requirements by 3-10x so as to reduce the grind in this game. Removes rewards and requirements relating to multiplayer and replaces them. Normalizes weapons in the game so all weapons in the same category do the same damage (barring some troublesome ones). Now also offers relationship preference changes.

Permissions and credits
Does what it says on the tin. 

Be aware the mod does not affect the text of the augments but does affect the progress bars.

Give Gifts to Players over Windows Live challenges have been removed and been replaced with spend gold challenges. 

Augments which used to give bonus damage in multiplayer now provide healing on hit.

Preference for women by general demand will be the main branch. In the future updates to the other branches may be delayed/unavailable. These others are listed under Optional Files. Be aware all are mutually exclusive. Also future branches won't have such silly names.

Just read the txts for additional and installation details. You can see the readme on the documentation page before you download.

Mistpeak Demon Door is not included in the fix.

Let me know if you feel something is still too hard or mismatches the changelog. I intend to respond to all questions or issues under the Posts tab.

If you'd like to support me financially. I'm using Buy Me A Coffee to maintain a little anonymity for myself over straight PayPal.
Buy Me A Coffee

If you want information on how to mod the mod yourself. Check out the info on my github. Download the files and you can use them to mod yourself.

The LibreOffice on Microsoft Store is a scam. To open and check out the change log please download it for free here.  


A future augment rework is possible as a version 3.0 or another mod. To explain I may be able swap weapon augments to make some weapons better such as giving any gun knockback in exchange for an augment it had or giving melee weapons fire and electric damage. Let me know if you think it'd add flavor to a given weapon. Otherwise I'm just gonna make my own probably removing things like +gold which are useless in endgame.