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This mod was original created by ArtoFeel, orginal mod here: http://fable3mod.com/forums/index.php?t=msg&th=249&start=0&
I edited his work in order to prevent changes by tall and Strength.

Permissions and credits
Are you playing as a female for Fable 3 but you don't like that she becomes hulk and look like a man when you use pistols, rifles or melee weapons? This mod modifies the morphs of the female causing that she doesn't change when increasing skill and strength.
HOW TO INSTALL? Download And put the folder 04_femaleMorphMod inside the dlc folder on fable 3 where it may be located on your computer.

If you want to modify my version feel free, but follow these instructions:

0- Female_strong.mof and female_Tall.mof can be used with Notepad!

1- Download BNK Loader and Creator, loader is used to take files from femaleMorphMod.bnk and extract it to editing. Creator is used on the foldier where Female_Strong and Female_tall are located and you must select the foldier 004 and create it on femaleMorphMod.bnk.
If you don't trust that page, let me know!

2- If you modify Female_Strong you will noticed some sizes of the morph in X are not in 1.0 (normal) and are in SixeX:0,8, this is because the strong morph even if you put everything in normal (size 1.0 - Pos 0.0) your Jaw will increase and will look fat, so i have reduced the jaw to give her a thiner look.

3- If you want me to upload my edited version that is not vanilla, LET ME KNOW!

I hope this helps a lot to people who don't want to play a Hulk Female, like me!

Small bug: this mod WILL cause animations on female to not fit very well with the villagers, this is something is can't fix and i tell you that i have tried. If you discover a way of fixing this without altering very much the sizes please shared on the posts!