Project Spotlight: Fallout 4: New Vegas

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This week we're talking to Metamoth (aka metalmouth7), the Project Manager for what is, perhaps, the most dedicated group of Fallout New Vegas fans out there. Fallout 4: New Vegas is a total conversion mod for Fallout 4, painstakingly recreating the game's assets and mechanics from the ground up. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your project, first off can you tell us a little about yourself and the key members of your mod team.

I'm Meta, the Project Lead on F4NV. I've been with the team since its formation in August of 2017. I've been modding in one way or another for about a decade, on titles ranging from Battlefield 2 and Command and Conquer: Red Alert to Homeworld 2. I first started working with Skyrim about 3-4 years ago, and Fallout 4 not long after it released, however F4NV is the first project I've been involved with of this sort.

For anyone who isn’t aware of your project yet, what is Fallout 4 New Vegas?

Fallout 4: New Vegas is a community-run project aiming to remake Fallout: New Vegas in the newer Fallout 4 Creation Engine, taking advantage of some of the features of the newer engine to make for a better and more refined gameplay experience.

Fallout New Vegas is considered by many to be the best Fallout game. How faithful are you planning to stay to the original?

We're remaking all of the quests as they were in New Vegas, alongside all of the original features, with tweaks made where possible to take advantage of the features of the newer engine, as well as to bring back some of the cut content and expand on the game world where possible. Narrative-wise, nothing will be changing in Fallout 4: New Vegas.

What are you adding that is new and improved?

We're adding a number of new things to F4NV. We're aiming to expand upon the weapon mod system first seen in New Vegas with the added functionality of the Fallout 4 weapon modding systems. We're also tweaking and rebalancing the combat of New Vegas to better fit into the more dynamic combat of Fallout 4 while retaining the more RPG-based systems utilized in New Vegas to create a more dynamic and interesting combat system. We're also looking at some of the cut content found in Fallout: New Vegas and reimplementing some of it, alongside some new content in the form of new weapons and some smaller environmental encounters to address some of the issues the original game had in regards to many finding the worldspace in Fallout: New Vegas being somewhat barren and some exploration feeling unrewarding, while maintaining the tone and feel of the world. Our core philosophy when it comes to adding any of this content is to ensure that it feels like it was always present in Fallout: New Vegas.

How did the project get started?

The current F4NV project started off after an earlier attempt at the same goal that kicked off in late 2016. After that project came to a close in July of 2017 due to a number of issues going on internally, we picked up where that team left off and began working towards the same goals.

Could you tell us about your workflow?

Because of the size of our team and the scope of our goals, our project has a number of different sub-teams working at different speeds towards goals that support the needs of each team. To keep this in check, almost every sub-team operates within fairly strict milestone goals based upon gradual outwards expansion. This allows us to focus on more specific goals as a whole, with each subteam being able to work as quickly or as slowly as they need to so that they can meet their objectives, and means that teams that end up completing their goals faster than others are able to continue to focus on further milestones as the project moves forward.

Building a mod collaboratively like this can be challenging. What advice would you give to modders looking to start projects like this together?

There are two main considerations that are key to building a project like this. Firstly, you should always understand that failure is an option. Instead of fearing that, however, you should instead simply accept it, and work to mitigate the damage it'll do to your project. This tends to have a positive knock-on impact on planning and helps to keep a project viable, while also typically meaning that you're likely to end up completing work that can be released to the larger community if something does go wrong. This can often mean that the hard work of your team members will not go to waste, and often leaves your team members feeling a lot more happy with the work they're doing on your project. Secondly, while it can seem a bit obvious, planning for a reasonable scope is also very important. A project like this will be slow-going no matter what - that's simply the nature of modding. However, if you plan for the team you have, instead of the team you want, you'll often be a lot more able to meet your goals, and this will give your project a far better chance of success as time goes by and work is done on your project.

Are there any technical accomplishments you’re particularly proud of from creating the project?

One of the biggest things for Fallout 4: New Vegas is having all of the legacy systems for Fallout: New Vegas functional in the Creation Engine. Many of these things, such as skills, damage threshold, or the weapon condition system are a huge part of the gameplay loop in Fallout: New Vegas, and without them, F4NV would feel more like a pale imitation of the original. We've managed to recreate nearly all of the original systems, and this is a huge contribution to F4NV feeling like New Vegas.

For anyone who wants to join the team or support your project, what’s the best way to do that?

The best way to apply to Team F4NV is to use the application form on our official website.

A big thank you to Metamoth from the Fallout 4: New Vegas team for answering our questions. If there's an author or mod project you'd like to know more about, send your suggestions to BigBizkit or Pickysaurus


  1. onnipajumaki
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    Looks amazing! Keep up the good work
  2. BrentOGara
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    All this nonsense about re-recording the voice lines is ridiculous. They HAVE to re-record the voice lines, as the original voice actors contracts only cover the original FO:NV, not some FO4 mod.

    On the OTHER hand, I'm betting that one of the first 'mods' for this will be re-inserting the original voices. It'll be super simple, probably just moving the files from one directory to another, and re-naming them at worst.
    1. ZoltranFamilyValues
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      Mod within a mod
    2. xDieSelx
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    3. lazloarcadia
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      Personally I'm betting they set the time line at a different point, such as a few years after, and thus can easily justify why the dialog will NOT be the same as it was in FNV. Such as maybe Sunny in the starting area (GoodSprings?) now has a child from some wander she met years ago that was shot in the head. Or maybe it was Ringo that she had a fling with. Maybe the NCR came in and took over the quarry to guard against death claws, so the area is now under their protection / control. Perhaps Boone went back and rejoined the 1st Recon and is now a Lieutenant and runs the team, or the Misfits from Camp Golf are now mercenary unit following their discharge from the NCR who finally got their act together. etc etc.

      There is 100% no reason for them to stay true to the FNV cannon story line, and in fact I hope they don't. Rather I hope they use the original story line as a starting point and then move forward from there.
    4. MarkusTay
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      EVERYTHING I've read on this project says they ARE staying 'true to the original', so why on Earth do you think they WON'T, when they specifically say they will? Wishful thinking? It will be the SAME GAME, just updated to the FO4 engine.

      That means that the original voices CAN be used (and this was done before, when they merged F03 and NV in another mod) - it will just require you to OWN both games. The only new voices they need to record would be for any new material they wish to add (and they did say there will be some of that), or for the main protagonist, since the that wasn't voiced in the original, and the F04 game engine has that aspect. I suppose they could chop-apart the existing F04 dialogue... TWICE (M&F)... or even use some sort of sophisticated voice-emulation software , but the simplest solution would be to simply have someone (or two someone's) voice the main protagonist's lines.

      Which now makes me wonder if they'll use any of the sounds/voices from F04 (the Supermutants in F04 sure sound a LOT dumber), and if they decide to implement any of the settlement building (because the engine is already setup for that, so why not?), they could use some of the generic NPC voices (although a LOT of that is them pointing you to other locales, which won't work... so once again, ALL new works best). I doubt they'll put settlement(base?)-building in, since the original didn't have it, and my whole point just now was that they wanted to stay as true to the original as possible, but I can see them (or someone else) adding it in as an option at some point (as I said, the code is already there, so why not?)
    5. MizterMoonshine
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      Voices were easily brought from Fallout 3 to New Vegas in TTW because the games use the same data system. Fallout 4 uses a completely different audio system to New Vegas so you can't just basically drag and drop like with TTW. Someone will need to write a converter program to do it.
    6. FreAkKy27
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      this doesnt work like goddamn ttw they clearly said they have to redo everything from scratch and just like in project capital wasteland where a team of modders tried to recreate fallout 3 in fallout 4 and their progress stopped because bethesda wont allow them to use the original voices due to copyright reasons
  3. Thandal
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    @MizterMoonshine;  And remember, BethSoft DOES NOT ALLOW porting assets from any of its games to any others.  Period.
  4. MarkusTay
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    I'd love to see a F04 character back-ported in for some little side quest, even if its a generic one (like some institute personnel trying recruit, etc).

    Almost any Ghoul would work (they don't age), but one of the Cabot's would be PERFECT. The sister. maybe? What was her name? Emogene? She has a VERY interesting back-story, if you read the comp. terminals... perhaps moreso than her idiot brother. Plus using her wouldn't mess-up the F04 storyline at all (so long as she can't be killed). Then again, speaking of ghoul's, Hancock in a casino would be pretty brilliant (maybe even a human version of him!)

    There was one empty pod near the Sole survivor's - that's another option. Someone released years earlier. Hell, they could even use Shaun or Kellogg, Now that I think of it - that stuff all happened like 50 years BEFORE the NV timeline.

    And then there's Codsworth... but using him would be a HUGE stretch (do robots take vacations?) Anyhow, I am really only talking a cameo or two, nothing major... unless they can come up with a REALLY GOOD story for it (whoever they would use - I think a 'light touch' would work best here, IMO).
  5. GraeWooff
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    Great work!... and a gigantic mod, no doubt.... But will Fantastic be... fantastic?
  6. alandini98
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    I really hope work keeps going well, I'm super excited for this!
  7. haohao69869
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    When F4NV public on
  8. GoddOward
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    Really looking forward to this!
  9. Mrkool27
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    In the picture above, the road and its surroundings look nothing like the fnv picture. Judging by that, I don't feel like F4NV will have the same western feel of fnv. I know it's just one area, but recreating fnv in fo4's engine seems almost impossible if you still want that fnv feel, that at least I have come to love and that had me replaying the game over and over. To me it just looks like another picture of Boston. I would still love to see this project made, this is just a criticism. I am willing to try this out
    1. bfcj
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      Yeah the puddle in the middle of the road doesn't help. Not something you'd expect to see in the middle of a desert.
  10. sturmgewehr44
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    I do hope this actually gets finished. What ever happened to Skywind?
    1. TheChurch
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      Based off how Bethesda has kinda killed (or put on hiatus) the Fallout franchise with the release and subsequent scandals related to Fallout 76, and how the Fallout: New Vegas fan base (myself included) are dedicated and on going. The support the devs are getting and going to get as well as the want to support them monetarily, even seen in this thread, Should be more than enough incentive to continue the work.

      But that's all what I've gleamed for forums and such... So I hope so too.
    2. foxx0021
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      Lol. Why do modders always have to announce what the hell they're up to? I say they get to work now, then wait till 76 goes free to play then out of nowhere release a finished form of the game as a FO4 mod. Then, for the ultimate cue de gras I say we go totally retro and throw FO3 in there too. We could call it...Fallout 4 All: Unbreakable. I'd probably laugh so hard I'd give myself a hernia. If this mod is for real it actually has way more potential than NV actually did. Only half joking about the game series mod thing. Knowing the engines are so similar makes one wonder if a little clever hacking couldn't find a way to virtually import things like worldspace, or at least the mesh vertices, cutting fractions off work time.
    3. madpaddy
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      They have to be very careful with using assets from beth id guess, one of the reasons so many of the remake mods fail is Beth jumping on them for some small reason and shutting them down. As long as Beth just see it as another mod that's ok but if they think it's going to steal their thunder or infringe on there IP they will shut it down in a flash.
    4. CluckenDip
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      They don't like people making a better game than them.