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Removes heat penalty from social units

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A simple gameplay Tweak that fixes social minions to work as intended.
The current issue is that social minions are useless in the World Domination Screen. This is because they generate an immense amount of heat, and only cover up a tiny amount.
Because of this, they are never worthwhile sending out on the map.
What this mod does is remove all their natural heat generation, leaving up only their ability to cover up the heat of other units.
While most social units can also steal, and some can plot, they are very bad at it, and all social minions are also very weak.
Because of this, you will still need to send out a combination of military and science units with your social units, if you want to get any work done.
Actual changes:
For the minions with the ID's 102, 107, 109 and 110, it changes field U (RegionalHeatPenalty) to 0.
Put the "Minion_Stats" file into \Evil Genius\DynamicResources\BalancingSpreadsheets\
This overrides the Minion_Stats.csv file. Any mod doing the same will be incompatible.