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Disables the need for lockers

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A simple gameplay Tweak that makes your maximum population always be at the current limit.
Placing Lockers isn't going to cost you much money or electricity, just a lot of space. This mod is to fix the tedium of placing a lot of lockers.
What the mod does is make the briefcase rack (A furniture item you are forced to always have at least 1 of) will provide 999 population.
This mod will not increase the maximum amount of minions you can have.
Put the "NoLockers" folder into \Evil Genius\DynamicResources\Custom\
This overrides all the 13009-Object_BriefcaseShelf.desc file. Any mod doing the same will be incompatible.

Note: Due to how population works in the game, you are locked at 5 minions until you build your first closet and bed (To complete the objective). After that, you will instantly have maximum population even if you delete the locker.