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Permanently Disarms Enemy Soldiers

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A simple gameplay Tweak that makes the enemy soldiers no longer have their rifles.

The simple truth is, the enemy soldiers are downright game breaking. Once you annoy the nations enough, you can easily have 10-25 enemy soldiers on your Island, which will shoot all your minions on sight. Of course your minions are also impressively stupid, and will run into their line of fire and rarely fight back.

The soldiers are still a force to be reckoned with, however. They will keep their aggressive nature, and you still need to keep an eye out. Don't think simply arming your minions with guns will make it easy, the soldiers will likely swarm your armed minion and force him to also enter unarmed combat.

This mod will only affect newly spawned soldiers. So the soldiers already on your island will keep their guns.

Put the "UnarmedSoldiers" folder into \Evil Genius\DynamicResources\Custom\

This overrides all the solder .desc files. Any mod doing the same will be incompatible.