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Give your minions some edge and flair with this overhaul.
It's a darker theme but keeps the essence of the ultra goofy 60's style Evil Genius is known for.

It also changes the Martial Artist into a Ninja (Edits China Saboteur that it replaces to have a different look).

Permissions and credits

Every Minion has a more dark theme
Changes Martial Artist to a Ninja.
Makes Spindoctor Skinny and stylish.
Makes Diplomat go on a diet look sophisticated.
Gives Quantum Physicist a haircut.
Makes Biochemist mask look awesome.
Gives Military units a camo aesthetic.
Got rid of that gross Yellow jumpsuit and made it Orange, much better on the eyes.

Chinese Saboteurs and Infiltrators become Martial Artists
The Chinese Agents with Martial Arts skin are also color coded:
Green = Pathetic
Blue = Poor
White = Good
Black = Exceptional

How to Install

1. Extract the archive, you should have Dynamic Resources folder and a Readme.txt
2. Go to your Evil Genius installation folder: 

Example: C:\Program Files\Evil Genius
Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Evil Genius

3. Drop the Dynamic Resources in the Evil Genius folder and Overwrite


Everything that doesn't edit Minion .desc files and other skinpacks.
Added Compatibility for Gameplay Overhaul by Ratchet (Check Files Section)

Coming soon:
Optional colors of the Ninja skin
Optional patch to Martial Artist skins that will change the animations of the Chinese agents to that of the vanilla Martial Artist.