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Re-uploading the Atrium mod along with an Act of Infamy mission collection

Permissions and credits

Adds the Following Item for Sanctum + Hotel Lobby:
Soothing Atrium

Tweaks and Fixes to the Atrium applied too

Adds the following Age of Infamy Missions:

- Bank Heist (125 Notoriety)
Even an evil genius is subject to money woes often caused by over ambitious spending and high interest credit cards.  How truly evil is it to solve this problem by striking at the very institutions that rely on our problem to exist?

-Mandrin Switch (75 Notoriety)
A Chinese restraint on the East Coast is refusing your island delivery.  Capitalize on the already rampant suspicions of their patrons that the chicken chow mein is made from real chow and ruin the impertinent business.

-Jolly Roger (75 Notoriety)
A group of wealthy, western academics are commemorating the voyage of an infamous pirate with a voyage of their own.  Send minions to capture and board their ship disguised as Hammer troops to further strain relations between Patriot and Hammer while making a quick ransom.

-Protection Racket (125 Notoriety)
A certain high profile tennis tournament is happening in England and with all those balls being knocked around somebody might just get hurt.  Perhaps some minions would be well suited to explain this fact to the organizers so that they might part with some funds to prevent such accidents.

-Love and Peace (250 Notoriety)
That lovable Italian pontiff, the Pope, has been making some negative comments about our organization during a summit on world peace.  While normally this wouldn't be an issue, it does present us with a rather humorous opportunity to further humiliate S.A.B.E.R.  Send minions to capture doves and release them inside the Pope's personal study.  Lets see how much the pontiff likes cleaning up after peace.

-Atrium (125 Notoriety) 
A posh hotel in the middle east has earned a reputation for satisfied customers.  Our spies has discovered that their strategy is to sent angry guests to a relaxing room where they quickly lose interest in fighting.  Send minions to study this room and pack up any usable items.

-Cold as Ice (125 Notoriety)
A rising star in hammer forces has just received his first assignment.  Unfortunately for him, it is in Siberia and we know where it is.  Sabotage the radar at the listening post and break all the heating equipment while making look as if western forces are to blame.  Between the cold nights and the constant excursions to investigate false alarms, yet another H.A.M.M.E.R. commander will grow to hate the west.

-Building Bridges (175 Notoriety)
A local crime boss has been making a lot of noise lately about our organization not paying the respect he believes is due.  Have your minions "deliver" your respects in a cement mixer and help the crime boss achieve his immortality as part of one of the fine bridges being built in the area.

-Winter of Discontent (150 Notoriety)
A massive blizzard is moving into the area surrounding a secret S.M.A.S.H. research base in the Antarctic.  A high ranking diplomat is currently at the base visiting his nephew and is making emergency plans to evacuate before he is snowed in for the winter.  Lets see how fast he can get out of that base when his plane's engines are in several thousand pieces.

-Monkey Business (250 Notoriety)
A popular new kind of game show is sweeping American television where contestants compete with each other in everyday, real-life situations.  "The Trainee" is one such show where the contestants all compete to be the best business operaters.  Test our new Monkey-izing gas in the boardroom on live television and observe the ensuing antics.

-Simian Summit (250 Notoriety)
We have discovered the location of a secret meeting of all the European leaders.  This is yet another delightful opportunity to further test our Monkey-izing gas and discover how far off world leaders really are from monkeys.

-Chimp Conference (250 Notoriety)
The new P.A.T.R.I.O.T. defense secretary dares to talk of peace and reconciliation with H.A.M.M.E.R.  Currently, he is holding yet another press conference to talk of policy changes to further his goals.  Turn this pacifist defense secretary into monkey with our Monkey-izing gas and revel in P.A.T.R.I.O.T.'s outrage.

-Banana Republic (275 Notoriety)
A dictator of a small South American Country has been taking steps against our operations in his country to appease his P.A.T.R.I.O.T. masters.  Show the world the price of opposing our organization by dumping large amounts of Monkey-izing gas on the capital city.

-Great Gig in the Sky (350 Notoriety)
H.A.M.M.E.R. is launching another spy satellite that has the possibility of observing our operations.  Infiltrate the facility and replace the satellite's film with a P.A.T.R.I.O.T. propaganda comedy.  Getting the last laugh is evil at its best.

-Down Under Knight (125 Notoriety)
Our agents in Australia are being rapidly eliminated by a masked vigilante that has a strong resemblance to a kangaroo.  Eliminate this strange individual to insure the security of our further operations in the area.



1. Extract the achive, you should have Dynamic Resources folder and a Readme.txt
2. Go to your Evil Genius installation folder: 

Example: C:\Program Files\Evil Genius
Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Evil Genius

3. Drop the Dynamic Resources in the Evil Genius folder and Overwrite.


I also fixed the bad spelling and grammar as best as I can. Enjoy!