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Recreation of EV Nova's ships rendered and added to Teacup TC for EV Nova.

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This mod contains recreations of EV Nova's ships added to the Teacup TC scenario. It contains the following ships and their factional variants:

Size 1 (Tiny Ships):
  1. Scout Ship (Civilian, Federal, Rebel)
  2. Viper/Python/Anaconda (Civilian, Federal, Irish, Pirate, Rebel)
  3. Manta (Polaris)
  4. Thunderhead/Hardhat/Charger/Wasp (Aurora, Civilian, Federal, Pirate, Rebel, Irish)
  5. Dart (Vell-os, Han-yos)
  6. Shuttle/Heavy Shuttle (Civilian, Aurora)
  7. Troop Shuttle/Heavy Troop Shuttle (Federal, Pirate, Ronin)
  8. Lightning (Civilian, Federal, Ronin, Pirate, Rebel, Irish)
  9. Escape Pod (Civilian)

Size 2 (Small Ships):
  1. Starbridge/Modbridge/Warbridge (Civilian, Federal, Irish, Pirate, Rebel)
  2. Valkyrie/Starscreamer (Civilian, Federal, Irish, Pirate, Rebel)
  3. Striker (Polaris)
  4. Zephyr (Polaris)
  5. Arrow (Vell-os, Han-yos)
  6. Terrapin (Civilian)
  7. Firespray (Pirate)
  8. Chelonian/Tessen (Civilian, Pirate)
  9. Patrol Boat (Federal, Rebel)
  10. RAGE Gunboat (Federal)
  11. Abomination (Aurora, Dani, Heraan, Ronin, Moash, Tekel, Vella)
  12. Argosy (Aurora, Dani, Heraan, Ronin, Moash, Pirate, Tekel, Vella)

Size 3 (Medium Ships):
  1. Kestrel (Civilian, Irish)
  2. Dragon (Polaris, Rebel)
  3. IDA Frigate (Aurora, Civilian, Federal, Pirate, Rebel, Irish)
  4. Arachnid (Polaris)
  5. Sprite (Polaris)
  6. Javelin (Vell-os, Han-yos)
  7. Pegasus (Civilian)
  8. Massacre (Pirate)
  9. Star Liner (Civilian)
  10. Skyboat (Civilian)
  11. Defender (Federal, Rebel)

Size 4 (Large Ships):
  1. Siegfried (Aurora, Dani, Heraan, Ronin, Moash, Tekel, Vella)
  2. Scarab (Polaris)
  3. Cambrian (Polaris)
  4. Manticore (Pirate)
  5. Glaive (Dani)
  6. Liberator (Federal, Rebel)

Size 5 (Huge Ships)
  1. Raven (Polaris)
  2. Leviathan (Civilian)

Installation Instructions (windows):
"Teacup TC is an extremely small total conversion of Escape Velocity Nova, containing, as specified by Martin Turner: One system, one spob, one ship, one mission, one outfit, one cron, one fleet, one weapon, one pers, one dude, one govt, and one brand new challenge that doesn't exist in Nova, [in addition to the resources needed to launch the game]."
  1. Copy and paste your EV Nova folder.
  2. Delete the Nova Files and Nova Plug-ins folder in the new instance.
  3. Extract the archive and place the contents in your EV Nova folder.