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This is cheat table (.CT) requires Cheat Engine (7.2 or later) to be used in conjunction with Enshrouded to allow modifying of game memory without running internal mods

Permissions and credits
Infinite health - Health not decrease   
Infinite Stamina - Infinite stamina   
Infinite mana - Always enough mana
Infinite fog timer - fog not can hurt your player  
Infinite weapon durability - Weapon never break  
High speed - More fast movement speed for player   

High jump - More high jumps  
Infinite jumps - Possibility make jumps in air (press E)  

Flying - You can fly in air   
Remove fall damage - No fall damage   
Slope angle - you can climb on very steep slopes  
Coordinates - coordinates player  

Camera near - First person view   
Camera far - Camera located more far from player  
Save condition - possibility save patricles or light effect around player
Light color - possibility change color light
Fog color - now are possible change color fog   

Build block color - can change color construction parts  

Build range - can change distance to build part from player,  
(press Q for decrease distance and E for increase)
Build area - added possibility increase area for build  
Recommend change it not more than on 800x200x800 for avoid lags  
And for avoid violation outside bounds game world  
For show how big are this area, world map have size around 8000x8000  
Added scripts which allow build almost in any place on map  
And they not require increasing altar area  
By such reason now no sense use script "build area"  
They called "altar far" and "altar area"  
Added scripts for torch speed, just try it :)  

If torch after throwing penetrate through some walls, this happens not because i do some wrong   
but by reason that default collision surface these walls or torch have glitches  

Script high speed have strange bug, when he are activated, you not can fully climb on ladder  
Need replace build area values on more low or on by default earlier leaving game,   
otherwise you can get more long or infinite loading saved game after next running  
if this happened, then just close game and run it again, saved game must loading same fast as usually  
If try increase build area for example on 800, build parts become invisible after building, this happens because become some delay, if size are too big. Surely all parts  have collision and are fully visible but need little wait. For fix this need change all "b" addresses for example not more than on 200. But seems game try adapt to new size and delay can fully disappear even if b=400. Just need give game small time for adapt, and also not change size build area too often
Added table for game Valheim, and also for Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection
How To Use   

  • Download CE from official website  
  • Download Table from Nexus  
  • Start the game  
  • Run and attach CE to enshrouded.exe process  
  • Load downloaded table  
  • Use to your hearts content