Endzone - A World Apart
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This mod can spawn random ruins on your cursor location. Some ruin can be small like car scrap to city ruin size and may contains Point of Interest (hotkey: LeftCtrl + R)

Bonus: Auto discover all ruins and add Explorer badge to all settlers (hotkey configurable: defult U).

Permissions and credits
LeftCtrl + R: Spawn random story ruin (sometime contain POI)
LeftCtrl + M: Spawn small ruin
U: Scout Ruin
F12: Clear Radiation at 50x50 size under mouse cursor

All hotkeys are configurable, you edit the file directly (Game\BepInEx\configcom.paboyafx.ez.ruinspawn.cfg)can use BepinEx config manager (download and place in plugins folder, F1 to show window)

How to Spawn Ruins:
- Position your mouse pointer to empty location
- Press LeftCtrl + R

This mod requires BepInEx 5.4.19

- If you used previous version of this mod, please Uninstall BepinEx 6 by deleting  BepinEx directory, winhttp.dll, doorstop_config.ini
- Download BepinEx 5.4 ( x86 or x64 )
- Extract to game folder
- Run the game, wait a minute or two and exit
- Make sure this folder exist /BepinEx/plugins
- Extract mod to /BepinEx/plugins
- Run game at least once to generate config file

Please save your game and make a backup for precaution as edited world may get the game unstable.