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Get Yer Starbridges here!
Adds the Starbridge from EVN to Endless Skies, Mod Starbridge and Railgun Starbridge variants included!

Permissions and credits
Adds the following ships to the game:
Mod. Starbridge
Pirate Starbridge
Pirate Mod. Starbridge (not actually in the original EVN)
Rebel Starbridge
Railbridge (Mod. Stabridge with wingtip blasters replaced by railguns) (Civilian/Pirate/Rebel/Forbidden variants)

Also, two types of infinite ammunition railguns have been added for the authentic EVN experience.

The ships and weapons can be bought from various advanced shipyards and outfitters. As a fallback, all Starbridge variants featured in this mod are available at any Syndicate Advanced shipyard.

The "Forbidden Railbridge" is basically a Tier 3+ godship, please kindly pretend it does not exist if you wish to play a (somewhat) balanced game.

Balance is probably completely out of whack, any feedback and comments are appreciated.

Now also available on GitHub (after I got an easier captcha): https://github.com/Autohummer/Endless-Sky-Starbridge-Pack

I know the orthodox way to host Endless Sky mods is on GitHub, but I could not open a GitHub account as I was unable add dice up to 14 in a satisfactory manner. Until I receive cybernetic brain implants/genetically modify my brain to help me do math faster and better, I will have to host mods here. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.