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Unlock the Waiting Function like in Vanilla Skyrim

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This mod will re-enable the waiting function like in vanilla Skyrim.

By default, waiting is turned off in Enderal, you can only sleep in beds. This is done via an invisible magic effect which rests on the player character.
This mod removes this magic effect by changing the scripts which are responsible for it.

In order to get this unlocked, you need to sleep once in a bed, so the edited script gets to run. After this, waiting is possible anywhere.

Please note that after a certain stage of the main quest, the usage of beds will be blocked. This is not due to this mod but as per design of the quest.


  • Can be added or removed any time during gameplay.
  • Version 1.1 is a corrected version, as 1.0 glitched out with bed usage. The new version is leaner, too, as it does not require the ESP anymore. You can replace the mod even on a save where you used the previous one. The system will complain that the esp is missing, but that does not do any harm.