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Restores lost detail to Enderal's textures and meshes using the source material they were adapted from. Careful restorative work has gone into recreating and restoring hundreds of textures for armours, animals and misc objects.

Permissions and credits
This is not an upscale project, this is a careful restoration/recreation of the Enderal's textures and meshes using their original source material -- the result is superior to what you will find in an upscale while remaining 100% lore-accurate. Meshes have also been tweaked to improve quality and fix some incorrect UV maps left in the game. It's recommended you install this near the top of your load order.

The main focus of this mod is armours and clothing, as those in particular are the most compressed. There are still some textures untouched by this mod because their sources are unknown to me.

Download and install with a mod manager of your choice.

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Enderal Quality Restoration
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This mod uses BC7 texture compression to ensure high quality, making it incompatible with LE. If backporting to LE you must optimize all meshes and recompress many textures. Be advised - converting to BC1 or BC3 may undo the quality improvement of certain textures.


All assets are property of their respective authors as listed in Enderal's credits.txt.

Optional Banana Replacer by keiretu.

Optional shield textures made with assets from Waffenbaum's Medieval Heraldry Retextures.

Optional lilipad textures by Haliafax0815.