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"Flintlock pistol pack for travel in hostile environments"

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This is a port of the Oldrim version I made for personal use. With permission from the original uploader, AfriCanuckinOz, I'm uploading it here for everyone else! I am simply responsible for porting the mod and did not create any of the models or textures. 

This mod adds 12 Flintlock Pistols into the game that can be found in the overworld, as well as their blueprints for crafting on enemies and in Pyrean Ruins. They function like staffs and are powered by soul gems. Each has a couple of shots before running out, but they do a hefty amount of damage to balance them out! It is recommended that you carry several and use them primarily in your left hand. 

It's worth noting Guns are in fact lore-friendly, there are canons and black powder everywhere!