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Adds configurable options to have your own campsite in the meditation Akropolis in Enderal.

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What is this mod:
This mod allows the player to add campsite like items into the Akropolis (zone used to apply perks via Meditation).

Options are:
  • Toggle sleeping bag
  • Toggle Secure Chest
  • Sub menu with option for fire pit only or fire pit and cooking pot.


Q: Why?
A: Because. You're meditating duh. You should have a comfy place to sit, heat to keep you warm, and you're likely to get hungry. Reminds me of The Witcher series.

Q: Why did you put a Secure Chest in there?
A: Why not? At a real campsite you'd have some place to put your things. Look at *any* you find in the wilderness. Some may feel this pushes it too far into being a cheat. Don't use that feature then. That's why it's configurable. You can exploit the game mechanics and just drop stuff on the floor to use that zone as a poor man's storage box. It just makes picking it up harder

Q: Isn't this cheating?
A: Depends on your perspective. If you feel something gives it too much imbalance, don't use it. That goes for any mod.

Q: What about (...)?
A: Leave a comment and I'll look into it. Some things won't fit the immersive concept, such as an enchanting or alchemy table. They're also fairly large. There's not much room to play with but some things could be moved around if something good is suggested.

Skyrim by Bethesda
Enderal by SureAI