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Extensive lighting overhaul of the Undercity

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This mod aims to overhaul the lighting in all Undercity locations.

To me, Undercity was always way too dark. I know it is supposed to look gloomy and worn down, but there is no reason why the people that live there would not at least but down some lanterns here and there. Often, corridors are pitch black, for no other reason than making them hard to see for the player, but in reality this would not make any sense. People live and walk there, after all. I found Undercity originally quite annoying for this reason.

So this mod enhances the lighting. It does so mostly by adding lanterns in places which needed some light, some brighter flickering to the fires, I also edited candles which previously did no have light and I edited lights which had no apparent source. I tried to keep the overall feeling intact. Adding just a dash to some of the shadier places and more light to places where there are people, buildings and windows. Undercity displays an amazing love for detail in how it is built, and it's absolutely worth seeing it.


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Compatible with Undercity Arena Fix
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