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Remove some glowing effects when you're using potion and spells. Also remove the glow effect from Onslaught shout.

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Playing in 3rd person, it annoys me some common stuff are causing you to glow brightly.
Especially annoying if you have ENB/Reshade with Bloom effect...
A lot of vanilla special effects simply do not fit in 3rd person view mode and combination with bloom shaders, wish I knew how to remove them all... 

V 0.2
- Shock Nova : removed the huge solid light orb obstructing your view, that linger for 3 seconds upon casting. The initial explosion effect is a separated effect that only plays for half a second, that one remain.

Removed glowing effects from following:
- HP potion, MP potion, Stamina Potion
- Boon
- Flash Heal
- Water Breathing
- Onslaught (red glow on final impact)