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LATEST: REV 0.3E AUGUST-9th 2019 /// Custom tuned ENB + Reshade for Enderal Forgotten Story, primarily made for screenshot purpose.
I will never say this is "perfect" setup though, there will always be problems and things/bone to pick. Understand that you have the freedom to tweak it however you like.

Permissions and credits
This is the final update, and will no longer further update & provide support.

- ability to READ, SERIOUSLY. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
- understanding of how ENB works
- Mod Organizer 2
- a CLEAN game copy

>> Flickr Screenshot Album 

Revision 0.3 - 20th July 2019
Tailored new set of LUT options - Clear & Clear Mystic
  • Neutral : no color tone adjustment is being made
  • Clear : lighter visual without being overly dramatic, similar to vivid clean Skyrim style.
  • Clear Mystic : same as above, but convert all green color tone to purple... just because.
  • S-ENB 0.2b : used in previous revision 0.2b version, which is a more dramatic / filmic LUT.
  • Custom : you can edit file enbseries/enblut_custom.png to your desire adjustments.
The default selection is now set to "Clear".
To change LUT selection, open ENB configuration panel in-game (Shift + Backspace), navigate to ENBEFFECT tab at the second panel.

Comparisons - click to view full size:

Other fixes:
  • Fixed fog distance clipping for "CapitalCityBeerBrewery" and "MQ13cSureaiEnt" interior cell.

What this ENB does? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Patch vanilla Enderal weather. This ENB adjust regions to include multiple weathers, rather than a fixed single weather per location.
This means different types of weathers can occur at many locations, including the starting home area.
  • Typical area will receive : clear, fog, overcast, light rain, storm rain, aurora
  • Desert area will receive : clear, fog, overcast, aurora
  • Snow area will receive : clear, fog, overcast, light snow, medium snow, blizzard
  • Star City will receive : clear, fog, aurora

(optional) Patch for Vivid Snow - Real Skyrim Snowflakes
Optional download ESP file to make Vivid Snow compatible with Enderal.
User is not required to go through Vivid Snow's installation patching process, as their script will not recognize Enderal's weather properly.
Simply install Vivid Snow and then install my patch file.
Light snow fall is also added to Akropolis, the meditate area.

(optional) Patch for True Storms - Thunder & Rain Redone.
Optional download ESP file for compatible edit between this ENB (water multiplier, reduced water glow) & True Storms.
True Storms came with it's own rain texture, if you felt the rain effect is too intense, adjust rain MotionStretch & MotionTransparency.
These two values can be found under enbseries > rain category.

Installation ------------------------------------------------------------
Please remove all files of older version before installing Rev 0.3

  1. Clean up old files - if there are any vanilla or existing enbseries folder, d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, effect.txt, effect.txt.ini and ANY files that starts with enb__________ in Enderal main folder. Delete them all before installing new ENB.
  2. Disable Steam Overlay, it may clash with ENB causing glitches. Turn it off in Steam > Setting > In-Game > untick "Enable Steam Overlay While In-Game".
  3. Download main file --- extract contents of [ PRESET ] folder to Enderal main folder.
  4. Install [ S-ENB REV 0.3 PATCH JULY-20.zip ] zip file with Mod Organizer 2.2.0 or newer, or extract it's contents to Enderal/Data/ directory. ( note: Vortex is not tested, thus I don't take inquiry regarding usage of Vortex. )
  5. Install latest version of ENBSeries core (CURRENT LATEST: 0.389), only d3d9.dll & enbhost.exe within [ WrapperVersion ] folder is required. Place these in Enderal main folder.
  6. Install separated downloaded file [ Patch 0.3e ]
  7. Install ENB Particle Patch. Select "All in One Installation" package under Oldrim.
  8. Install Tree Emissive Remover, this will makes the ENB visual properly consistent.
  9. Configure ENBLocal to suit your own hardware setup. In particular the memory size. Use VRAMSizeTest to get the number.
  10. Configure EnderalPref.ini as follow.


(optional) Reshade Module?
Reshade+ENB in Oldrim only will works on AMD graphic card as far as I aware of. Nvidia users reports glitches problem with shadows.
ReShade shader configuration contain various additional bloom and convenient color tone adjustments.
  • Toggle ReShade Panel : Shift + F2
  • Toggle ReShade Effect : Shift + F3
  • Reload ReShade Shaders : Shift + F10
  • Take Screenshot : " + " key, beside backspace, configure any keys to your liking in ReShade panel
SweetFX is not functional when using ReShade
The function of Reshade is largely for screenshot custom color adjustment purpose, due to it apply bloom across the board, some occasion may appear too bright for normal gameplay.

Possibly fix for nVidia user: in ReShade panel, go to DX9 tab, and tick "Disable Replacement with INTZ format".

Disable Game's & Graphic Driver Forced Antialiasing (AA) & Aisotropic Filtering (AF)
This must be done as per standard ENB protocol, or else the game will totally glitch out! This applies to Skyrim as well.
Disable forced AA & AF in your graphic driver as well!

Missing or Cut-Out Screen Area?
change the following in ENBEFFECT.FX

ENB Shortcut Keys
  • ENB Configuration Panel : SHIFT + BACKSPACE (changed from vanilla SHIFT + ENTER)
  • ENB Effect Toggle : SHIFT + F12
  • SweetFX Refresh Effect : Pause
  • SweetFX Effect Toggle : ScrollLock
  • SweetFX Screenshot : PrintScreen

Further modding & pushing this ancient game engine is risky, understand that you are doing this at your own risk =)

  • enderalpref.ini - iShadowMapResolution=4096 or more is recommended for sharper shadow. If you uses 2048 shadow or lower for performance reason, make sure to set ShadowBlurRange=5.0ShadowBlurRangeInterior=5.0 in enbseries.ini.
  • enderal.ini - Vanilla grass size believe to be 20. Add iMinGrassSize=50 under [grass] section if uses Voluptuous Grass addition. Otherwise just leave it as vanilla. The larger the value, the less grass density.
  • enderalpref.inifGrassStartFadeDistance=8000 & fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance=8000 for further distance grass rendering, this didn't really cost any fps for some reason
  • enderal.ini - uGridsToLoad=7 for further draw distance, vanilla value (5) is simply too near. For large distance landscape screenshot, you'll want to try crank it to 11 for that session. Any further may crash the game.
  • enderalpref.iniiMaxDesired=8000 for better VividSnow effect. Further than 10000 may potentially crash the game.

  • Any mods that edit weather & region records will not be compatible with this ENB's ESP.
  • Mods that edit interior cell records may also conflict with this ENB's patch that attempt to fix vanilla fog issue (see Known Issue below), if they happens to edit the same cell.
  • If you're using HDT-SMP, please ensure FormHeapAllocateFromLargerSpace is set to FALSE in skse/plugins/hdtSkyrimMemPatch.ini
  • Setting this to true will resulted in ENB fail to render MIST over water. Causing extremely jarring visual glitch.

Known Issue
  • Some interior cells require ESP patch to fix vanilla fog distance compatibility with this ENB. Let me know the location if seen such places. Example of problem : https://youtu.be/jQ59oCiwpoA
  • Enderal's world design involve the usage of many "regions" to partition those areas, and some of them are pretty small area. Transitioning between one region to another, you may find oddly fast weather transitioning.
  • There is an odd problem with world map, moving to upper half causing ENB effect to completely turn off. No clue why is this happening.
  • render distance issue at the first area of Star City, this appear to happens even without ENB?
  • interior water color issue inconsistent shading, this is a big headache.
  • If you found out any issue, or drastically "off looking" visual at certain location, weather, or time. Please use the bug report section to report the issue. Your report MUST consist of the following : name of location, time of day & weather code. You can find weather code listed in ENB configuration panel. Simply hit SHIFT + BACKSPACE and select "Show Weather Panel".
  • water / sea texture have grids - known game issue, this isn't related to ENB. It just that ENB can amplify the problem.
  • FALL THROUGH FLOOR bug (or other funny things happens during cutscene) : The fall through floor issue is related to fade-to-black game functionality. There is no fix for this problem but to reconstruct ENB from scratch to take into consideration of enabling fade-to-black function. One biggest reason why usually no one want to support this function is because it causes DRASTIC visual degradation - lost of color and it takes more works to try "recover" the color and visual the ENB author wanting it to be. Between pretty visual & no fading support -or- worst visual & with fading support, I'd pick the first one.

  • " Help, this kills my FPS my PC explode my dog ran away my neighbor called the police! " ... Yes.
  • " Help, it's really dark at night! " ... The torch is invented for a reason. 
  • " What does "S" really means? " ... SHIT.
  • " Does this works with the game's fade-to-black? " ... No I don't really care about that.
  • " This description page is stupidly long and complicated! " ... When I didn't say anything people complaint, when i say a lot of things people STILL complaint.
  • " Your mod list? " ... I lost my excel journal...
  • " How you take those wide angle screenshots? " ... see article : 


Patch 0.3d - 0.3e 9th August 2019 ... another patch?! ಠ_ಠ
  • increased default brightness & contrast ( brightness 0.5 -> 0.7, contrast 0.99 -> 1.03 )
  • night-time adjustments to compensate for the increased contrast (sorry I forgot to check these after the contrast adjustments yesterday... ಥ_ಥ)
  • user of ReShade module may want to reduce FilmicPass' strength or disable it, adjust to suit, otherwise contrast may be too high
  • all previous patches are included in this download

Accumulated Patch 0.3a - 0.3c
  • adjusted the weather for meditation area (perk tree) for easier distinguish the glowing lines between perk that taken and perk that don't.
  • adjusted default DoF for proper gameplay DoF shifting
  • lowered excessive ENBSeries [fire] brightness that cause spell to be stupidly bright.
  • included vanilla enbEffectPrepass shader for character outline, simply tick "Enable Prepass" in ENB panel if you want this effect
  • now with a much better ENB bloom shader, a modified version from LaBeat's Anamorphic Lens Flare to allow configuration of bloom values in-game.
  • if you felt the flare effect is too strong, lower "Flare Intensity" under ENBLOOM.FX in ENB configuration panel.


CR-ENB for inspiration & ENB foundation
DAHAKA ENB for inspiration & bloom shader
RudyENB for the fix of enderalpref.ini to allow me to actually starts on this project
Marty McModding for DoF & Reshade Shaders
SureAI for this beautiful world
JawZ for sky mesh