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Reading Books now gives a Knowledge Point.

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Reading Books now gives a Knowledge Point.
(Tho I can't even call it that much of a cheat, since it makes sense)

Around 50 books will give you Knowledge Points now.
("Tales of the Wanderer", "Butcher of Ark" and "Myths and Legends" are not touched, since they're bound to other quests)
- Account of an Unknown Traveler (3 Tomes)
- Encyclopedia Arcana - Magic (4 Tomes)
- Landscapes of Enderal (3 Tomes)
- The Disciplines of Magic  (5 Tomes)
- The Life of Torgan Whispertongue  (4 Tomes)
- The Path  (12 Tomes)
- The Records of the Wayward Wanderer
- The Prudent Boy and the Righteous Path
- The Skinner and Wild Magic
- The Lost Brigand
- The Legacy of the Pyreans
- The Holy Order
- The Golden House
- The Creed
- Testament of the Thorn King
- Manual of Dreams and Visions
- Chronicles of Goldenford
- A Strange Friend
- A Village in Turmoil
- About Whispertrees
- The Little Mouse Mitata


Enderal and Forgotten Stories DLC


Only book records changed.
So any mods that change books won't be compatible, tho I don't know any. 


Drop files into Data folder.


Delete files from Data folder.
Contains 1 script, so don't recommend uninstalling.
Better try it out and decide if you need it or not.