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You can now buy maps that will show you the landmarks of the region.

Permissions and credits

 4 Mapseller's stores.
When you read map, you'll get landmarks of the region. 
Just Black Landmarks - No fast travel.

Riverville: Kuro's General Store
- Sun Coast Map

Ark: Foreign Quarter
- Ark Map
- Fogville Map
- Whisperwood Map
- Dark Valley Map
- Heartlands Map
- Farmer's Coast Map
- King's Bay and Pass Map
- Western Cliff Map

Duneville: Karumea store
- Powder Desert Map
- Thalgard Map
- GoldenFort Map

Frostcliff Tavern: Inside
- Frostcliff Mountains Map

Changed some map markers. For example in Ark city.
The districts are now distinguishable between each other.

Added some new map markers,
For Wishing wells, Vatyr Lairs, some ruined Towers and Buildings.

Myrad Towers Map Markers are not visible from the get go now.
You have to buy map of the region. 

You can get Ark Map for Free (Foreign Quarter), if you Sun Coast Map with you  (just don't throw it away till you get to Ark).


Enderal and Forgotten Stories DLC


Made with max compatibility in mind, no merchants containers changed.
All stored are just simple static additions.
You buy by activating a map.


Drop files into Data folder.


Delete files from Data folder.
Contains 2 scripts, so don't recommend uninstalling.
Better try it out and decide if you need it or not.


The idea was inspired by Mapseller (used the main map marker show script from it).
The cover of the note is from Legacy of the Dragonborn