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A small player home near Riverville

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Enderal Log Cabin

A small player home near Riverville

This is a small, modestly furnished log cabin that I built when I had played for a few days in Enderal as I was always looking for a bed and a chest and I prefer the rural surroundings at Riverville to the buyable houses in the city of Ark. This log cabin is close to the river and the Riverville market is nearby.

The log cabin is very small and has not much place for showy furnishing, it contains only the basic things that a player needs in Enderal: A "Secure Chest", bed, arcane enchanter, alchemy workbench and hearth. Outside the cabin there is a tanning rack and under the big tree nearby there are an anvil, a workbench, a sharpening wheel and a safe chest for crafting supplies. I did not add a smelter as it does not fit in the scenic surroundings, there is a smelter just across the river in the smithy.

The log cabin is free and you can use it from the beginning of your adventure.

Have fun!

Sure AI for the wonderful Enderal
Stroti for the resource of the log cabin

At the moment I no longer play Skyrim and Enderal and have not installed them, I wait for the DLC to be released. So I
cannot help you with actual problems or provide patches for the time being.

juf0816  made a patch for the papermap problem after update and generously gave it to me, I uploaded it as version 1.2 - thank you so much juf!
Please note: I don't provide guarantee or support for this update file.