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Vanilla-friendly retexture for various assets in Enderal.

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xinntao for ESRGAN

Uses various models for interpolation created by the following authors: 

Alsa, buildist, DinJerr, Kingdomakrillic, LyonHrt, nmkd, Twittman, ZaphodBreeblebox


Vanilla-friendly retexture for various assets in Enderal. Done with a combination of AI upscaling using various specialized models and scratch-made texture work. Enderal is a beautiful game, but many of its assets need some love. In many cases textures are destroyed by compression or use much to low resolutions for the given object. In some cases I tweaked meshes as well, mostly to fix texture paths. In some special cases I added ENB light capability as well. Still, I only cover objects that are added by Enderal, and I suggest to browse the Skyrim Nexus to cover the many vanilla assets that are used.

The plugin included in the archive undoes some unnecessary texture swaps and ensures that retextures work on a wide selection of objects used in the game. It also fixes some incompatibilities for SMIM users, mainly to make its barrels work in Enderal. I also included some minor DLC textures that are required by SMIM.

This is a collection of work I did over a pretty long period of time, but I thought it was time to package it up for a first release. I am still not finished with the game and I am working on things as I go, so expect updates.


Using Vortex - overwrite if asked. Using MO2 - put it below other mods containing these textures (higher priority).

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!