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This mod expands the lack luster feel of food, without breaking Enderal's food mechanics.

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Welcome to the Magic of Food and Drink, Enderal style. 

This mod makes slight changes to the food, without changing the core of Enderal's food mechanics. If your familiar with my food mod from SE, of the same name. Then the food has been broken up into food types, for easier perusal. I did a bit of research on some of the foods and drinks, and renamed some of them, so not only are they easier to understand, you know what your dealing with. 

Here's the breakdown of the changes:
Raw Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits, heal 1 point of health for 20 seconds. Instead of the usual 3-5 for 4-7 seconds. 
Raw Meats will make you sick, inflicting you with a 20 point debuff to carry capacity and stamina regen. 
Wines & Meads, Alcohol now puts a speed debuff, so you will move slower. This is to simulate the uncertain nature of your movements when drunk. In return, Wines & Mead's will buff a certain stat, this can be Stamina or Magicka for a certain period of time. (usually 300 seconds) Some drinks may offer a skill buff as well, so pay attention to their text. 
Soups & Stews, now provide specific buffs to a specific stat. Health, Stamina, or Magicka. 

New Recipes
You can now make Sausage!
You can now make Cooked Rat Meat. 

This mod does require Regeneration Fixes and Food Diversification.  This is a fantastic mod, and is the core of many of the changes you will find in the food.
This mod also requires MisterB's Minimal Harvest.