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Adds many details to the docks and harbors of Enderal focused on improving immersion

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I always felt it strange that cities as large as Ark and Duneville are portrayed as important trade cities for Enderal yet in game theres like...one viking ship and two rowboats at each, not to mention how the viking style ships don't quite fit the aesthetic of Enderal. Thanks to lots of great modder's resources and my finally deciding to give creation kit a try I've added details I felt were missing from the dock areas.

This mod Includes:
-More ships outside of Ark and Duneville, many are not viking styled

-Ships moored inside the cavern at Duneville, as the game says merchants will pay to dock there, however none were seen in the vanilla game

-a couple of food stands added to the exit of ark leading to the harbor as it makes sense there may be a small fish market there. No merchants yet (I don't know how)

-the impaled corpses of wild mages, as the order does not tolerate wild magic or those who don't take the "journey to the water", I felt this added to the atmosphere and darker tone of some aspects of the game, not to mention making you continue to question the orders morality

In the new update!
-some shipwrecks have been replaced to get rid of the viking ships and I've taken the liberty of adding some minor treasures to them!

-better placement on the boat by the farmers coast

-added some ships bells sounds from OG skyrim to the Duneville ambience to make it sound more like a harbor

-There are minor treasures on the shipwrecks outside the hollow hand by duneville, the wreck at the old smuggler retreat by foamville, and a larger treasure with a unique sword in the cargo hold of the wreck of the "Red Messenger" on the north beach of the farmer's coast. The name of the ship and the sword are both references and god I hope someone gets them

-Unique sword is now upgradeable!

-More shipwrecks have been replaced and with more treasure useful for early-mid game players added.

-Ark harbor ships now properly disappear after story events!

-renamed esp and compressed BSA format to save you guys space on your computers!

This mod was made possible by the following modders resources, all either open to use with credit or obtained with the authors permission via DM
DK's Lore-Friendly Ships and Boats Resources Vol. 2 - Bretons DeviantKaled
Ships and Boats of Tamriel - DeviantKaled
Cyrodiil Ship and boat resourcemarkusliberty
Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher ExtensionOaristys
The Witcher 3 Mega Resource PackLorSakyamuni
The Notice Board Redefined - New Meshes and Textures fadingsignal
Modder's resource packOaristys
Lolicept Resourceslolikyonyu
Secret of the silver blades by Moraelin
And a big thanks to CDProjekt for being so cool with your resources

While I am very happy with how this mod turned out don't expect many more from me that require the creation kit, for some reason the quality of the CK degraded the longer I used it, it now crashes just about every five minutes (not an exaggeration), even after trying some tweaks to make it work better. While I love Enderal and want to add more to it it is simply too time-consuming and aggravating for me to want to make anything more ambitious.

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