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Fixes the Issue with set Wings of the Skybreaker, and also added compatibility patches for Circlet enabled headwear and Enderal Gamepaly Overhaul.

Permissions and credits
This was\is primarily a compatibility patch, however as I discovered the cause for the bug with Wings of the Skybreaker not recieving the set bonus I was given permission to upload the altered .esp as well, thereby this contains both the fix, and the compatibility patches I made.

Choose only one of the files to download(the fix esp is included in all of them)! You still need the required mods, these only changes items where incompatibilities are found, non compatibility issues are ignored!

Armor Replacer-fix - This is the Armor Replacement fix for the set(just overwrite\replace the armorReplacer.esp found in his mod).
Circlet and Armor Replacer - This is to be used with the armor mod + circle mod, you still need Circlet Enabled Headwear Fixed the missing Shadow of wandering mage and Eye of the scalet night to allow circlets(missing\forgotten in the mod).
EGO and Armor Replacer - This is to be used with Enderal Gameplay Overhaul

EGO and Circlet with Armor Replacer - This is a compatibility patch between all three. It also makes Circle and EGO compatible, obviously, and requires you have them both.

Either use a download manager, or drop the files into the Data folder(let armorReplacer.esp be overwritten!)

Load order(for all three, replace\change where applicable):
Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul.esp
Enderal - CircletEnabledHeadwear
EGO + Circlet + Armor replacer.esp