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This mod adds 13 new affinities to Enderal: Forgotten Stories version

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This mod adds 13 affinities to Enderal: Forgotten Stories version


  • Combination: Infiltrator + Trickster
  • Improve: Lockpicking, Pickpoket and Sneak.
  • Skill: Draw a bow 20% faster.

#Battle Archer

  • Combination: Trickster + Keeper
  • Improve: Archery, Health. and Heavy armor.
  • Skill: You draw a bow 30% slower, but increase critical hit chance by  30% and increases critcal hit damage by 15%


  • Combination: Elementalist + Thaumaturge
  • Improve: Mana regenerates.
  • Skill: Each 3 Elementalist spells, your next  light magic or elementalist spell is 30% stronger.

#Death Knight

  • Combination: Sinistrope + Vandal / Blade Dancer
  • Improve: Two and One handed, and Entropy and Psionics cost less magic.
  • Skill: You can reanimate a dead body permanently to fight for you.


  • Combination: vagrant + Sinistrope
  • Improve: Alchemy, and Entropy and Psionics cost less magic.
  • Skill: You can have two invocations or reanimated zombies.


  • Combination: vagrant + Vandal / Blade Dancer
  • Improve: Stamina and Two and One handed.
  • Skill: You move 15% faster


  • Combination: vagrant + Elementalist / Thaumaturge
  • Improve: Alchemy and Mana.
  • Skill: There is a 25% chance of creating a duplicate potion when using your alchemy skill.

#Two Souls

  • Combination: Sinistrope + Thaumaturge
  • Improve: Entropy, Psionic and Light magic
  • Skill: Switch between Sinistrope and Thaumaturge spells costs more mana but are more powerful.


  • Combination: Vagrant + Infiltrator
  • Improve: Alchemy and Sneak.
  • Skill: Silently harm enemies by placing poisons in their pockets.


  • Combination: Trickster + Blade Dancer / Vandal
  • Improve: One-handed, Two-handed and Archery.
  • Skill:  Switching between bow and one or two handed weapons increase damage by 15% for 10s.


  • Combination: Keeper + Vandal
  • Improve: Two-handed, Heavy armor and Stamina.
  • Skill: Your critical hit chance increases 0.5% for each 1% health lost.

#Arcane Blade

  • Combination: Blade Dancer + Elementalist / Thaumaturge
  • Improve: Magicka and Stamina rate
  • Skill: While you are equipped with magic and blade at same time, your attacks and spells are 15% more strong.


  • Combination: Vagrant + Keeper
  • Improve: Health and Stamina, Health and Stamina rate in combat and Armor rating.
  • Skill: No skill.


--Thanks to Sure.AI for the open source.