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  1. aza1967
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    Ich nehme einfach Ricks Worte - besser hätte ich es nicht sagen können. Das Bild von den Disteln ist soooooo schön. Wundervolles Set. Vielen Dank.
  2. Excellentium
    • member
    • 20,418 posts
    • 271 kudos
    Beautiful strong colours in this set and some very photogenic landscape scenes. A lot of realism in the nature capture even if it's a stark and strong contrast. I like it! Again your flower shots are among my favorites. You certainly know how to capture them beautifully. I've tried a few times too in Enderal, but always skip the images, because I get bothered by the lack of HD textures. Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled from my Skyrim I guess... You manage to give them a lot of beauty, colour and scenic marvel and that I really admire. I also enjoyed the various shots of the bee hives. Very rustic looking, but also soothing and peaceful...
  3. bison1967
    • premium
    • 12,372 posts
    • 205 kudos
    Gripping set, Heike! That is one big and mean-looking blade she has on her back!
  4. FastBlackCat
    • premium
    • 41,932 posts
    • 271 kudos
    Lovely Enderal set, Heike! I went into Enderal last week and found it had gone kaflooey--when two days before it worked fine. Don't know what happened. Mods I've been using with it aren't working right (crashing the game and corrupting saves), so I uninstalled/reinstalled and still no luck.
  5. hammersmcp
    • premium
    • 12,015 posts
    • 82 kudos
    Really nice landscapes and still lifes. You've really shown your photographer's eye. I also like that little bit of a dark overtone. It makes it look like a real forest would look on a slightly overcast day.
    Your character is very attractive, especially in that sexy, tight, stringy 'armor'. But, she also seems very capable - especially with that giant sword - and also warm and personable (from that last image). My Enderal character is still sitting on a beach wondering what to do next ,,, and how to obtain a giant sword!
  6. Klaxoid
    • member
    • 11,991 posts
    • 156 kudos
    Awesome set Heike! Got to watch out for the goat heads
  7. rth119
    • premium
    • 19,166 posts
    • 140 kudos
    after all that...

    (great set Heike)
  8. gucky2010
    • premium
    • 38,454 posts
    • 296 kudos
    Biete mich gerne als Tourbegleiter ( auch teilweise Träger des Reisegepäcks ^^ )

  9. Nataly1q2w3e4r5t
    • premium
    • 26,272 posts
    • 208 kudos
    Awesome set, such beautiful scenic captures and great action shots!
  10. Davidjedi
    • member
    • 1,741 posts
    • 33 kudos
    Your enderal looks awesome Heike, gorgeous set