Empyrion - Galactic Survival
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Many possible hard points and hits the normal core size limit. Has all the basic interiors and functions with lots of storage but nothing really fancy to look at. Lots and lots of empty hangar space. Goes a little bit over the Turret and weapon limit in its current version and its systems are heavily protected.

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Don't try to land this on 4g planets.

This thing has more space than you will ever need and is very easy to enter and exist so long as it stays in space. For planet side operations I suggest parking a large SV or a made for this purpose, small sized CV on the landing pad directly behind the bridge to act like an SV instead. Although it does have a protected elevator exist extending 2 blocks from the ship if you really want to land on a planet, don't try to land anywhere that isn't at least somewhat flat.

This started out with me simply needing a slightly larger CV. Sadly my idea of "just" up scaling one of the Destroyed CV you encounter in a minefield during the story line missions resulted in waaay more work than I ever thought... After finishing the outer shell (hitting the max size limit 3 blocks before completing a perfect 1:3 up scaling) and beginning to fiddle with the interiors I quickly realized that with my meager design skills I can't really do this beauty justice. So anyone interested in making this their own, you are welcome to do so.