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A beastly SV with an enormous storage capacity.

Black and UCH themed versions are available.

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The Gargantuous

This is, as the name implies, a ginormous SV. It was purpose built to be able to haul a full cargo hold of 32K storage at maximum speed. It's big, it's bulky, but because of how insane the vanilla flight models are it's also insanely maneuverable.

I originally built this while playing the Reforged Eden scenario where the ship isn't nearly so agile and fits in a lot better given its purpose. I intended for it to be a full replacement for my Flying Brick SV for use on POI raids because I got sick of flying back and forth to pick up all the good loot.

It has a very generous fuel and O2 capacity so you can stay out for very long runs, often longer than some CVs can.

You may need to play with the Pitch, Yaw, and Roll sensitivities. With them all at 100% the ship is overly reactive. I play with the roll setting at 0.4 and it seems happy there.

You'll also need a minimum of a 9x5 hangar door to fit it through, and that is only just barely wider than the wing span. So plan any hangers you intend to store this in accordingly. As an example, it will JUST fit into the hangar on my UCH Colonial Outpost.

Black and UCH themed versions are available.


T4 CPU - 99K/100K used.
32KSU Storage.
2875 Ammo capactity.
2 Fridges.
12K Fuel capacity.
6K O2 capacity.
4 Homing Rocket Launchers.
4 Minigun Turrets.
Short Range Warp Drive.
Armor Locker.

Installation Requirements

Empyrion - Galactic Survival version 1.5 (Build 3376) or higher.

Installation - Manual

Copy the "The Gargantuous - Black Edition" or "The Gargantuous - UCH Edition" folder into your Empyrion directory.
This is normally located in [Path to Steam]\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Blueprints\[Your User ID]

You should then be able to spawn it into the game using the Blueprint Factory.


Exit the game and remove the folder from your Blueprints directory. When you reload it should be gone.


This blueprint has only been tested with Empyrion 1.5 (Build 3376). It likely will not work on versions older than 1.5.