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UCH Flagman INFINITY - class PYTHON is universal,HEAVY,300 size class,long range cruiser with heavy weapons,powerfull shield,500 LY warp drive,creo cams,escape pods and more to explore the galaxy or even make "small" war.

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INFINITY has long range,one jump 500 LY warp drive,2 pentaxid tanks,powerfull shield (3600000), 20 main rocket launchers,30 main pulse laser cannons,about 80 various turrets + 6 heavy artilery turrets on main hull,about 50 various turrets + 10 heavy artilery turrets on each wing,various thrusters (each group can be controled seperately,exept cruise thrusters),there is possiblity to add spare warp drive(mabe will be added later).Additional shields in front and on bridge,controlled by "ads" button in control panel.In full set can carry about 100 fighters like GLADIUS and RAPIER,5 heavy transporters PELICAN (shielded),about 6 drill modules or some heavy tanks (pelican docking site,main hull),about 10 small hover vessels in each wing (titan docking site).All hangar doors,exept rescue center,can be controlled by "buu" button in control panel.Has rescue operations center with 20 of light transporters DART (Rescue) B2.Has teleporter like all PYTHON class ships,to fast travel betwen all capital vessels or bases of faction.Has special LZs for UCH TITAN 004 PY,UCH PELICAN PC5 SF(compatible with PYTHON class CVs.included in to mod).Also has LZs for RAPIER,GLADIUS,DIPLOMAT or other any ships(according to size).Has local inside transporters to fast reach point over long corridors.Flagman suitable as military unit,also as friendly explorer.Can be used as miner,carrier,support ship,mobile base in planet,orbit or even in deep space.All in one.
And yes,it is laggy...Seems game is not optimised for so heavy  capital vessels...but who has a amasing pc should be nice.
   It is v 0,9 so many things r not done,but work is in progress.
v1.4.5 3279 instalation:first extract config.ecf in to main game folder/Content/Configuration(as i understand only v 1.4 3259 - v 1.4.5 3279).next extract all vessels from folder to main folder of the game/saves/blueprints/7656...launch the game,spawn.