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Lets you play as Scotland from 1700 with GB's victory conditions. Allows Scotland to recruit Blackwatch.

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Very simple mod that creates an independent player-controlled Scotland. This mod should only be used if you intend to play as Scotland - playing as any other faction will lead to instability. There's a backup startpos.esf included in the download for switching back to normal play.

It's an interesting start position as you have no access to a College and research without conquest. Great Britain will likely attack you, though Clansmen are an amazing early game unit that should let you hold your own. 

To install, simply extract the 'data' folder into your Empire Total War directory and overwrite when prompted.

To uninstall, extract and rename the included 'startpos_backup.esf' to 'startpos.esf' and move it to Empire Total War\data\campaigns\main. Optionally, also delete the 'scotland_blackwatch.pack' file found in your Empire Total War\data folder.