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Removes or lowers the most annoying sounds, sniffing, sighing, gulping, blowtorch, sand, rocks, flies, peeing, eating, grunts, and many more!

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Are you tired of Gulping, Sniffing, Peeing, Smoking, Chewing, Neck Scratching, Sighing, Blowtorch-using Bumpkins in Elex?

How about buzzing flies, monstor snores, Swamp bubbles, and loudass Ughs, Arghs, and Huhs?


Most of this was done for my game per my preferences but I think many other ears will appreciate these sound mutings and adjustments!

For version 1.4 (final) I've consolidated into just one simple file to download, where all of these sounds have (hopefully) been balanced nicely:

216 Sound files edited!
All Sniff, Burp, Spit, Sigh sounds MUTED
All Breathing, Smoking, Sshh, Neck scratching, most flies MUTED
Flare torch quieter
Swamp Mosquitos MUTED , Garbage flies MUTED
Here are some other sounds reduced:
Gulping, drinking, eating
Peeing sounds
Blowtorch sounds
Potion drink sounds reduced somewhat
Body/clothing transfer sounds (NPCs pulling chicken legs and giant bottles out of themselves)
Human Ughs, Arghs, and Huhs, reduced (from combat)
Mining drill sounds
Waterpipe breathing sounds (?)
Swamp and Mud Bubble sounds
Some monster snore growls
Slime/Spit sounds
Single flies reduced, Swamp flies

Sounds increased:
Some wind and rain somewhat, one thunder sound increased
Water creek sounds a little higher

What's New in v1.4

-Constant rock and pebble tumblings, sand sifting Reduced or Muted
-Metal creekings in nature reduced or mostly muted
- Generator sound reduced
- Radioactive Sound reduced
- Camoflauge spell reduced a lot
- Jetpack sounds reduced, especially starting up sounds

What wasn't changed:
Monster sounds, dialog, weapons, ambient wildlife and electronics, etc
There's an exhale sound from someone smoking that's still there, but it fits without being too much now.

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The river and waterfall sounds are good so I didn't change them.  Sometimes I don't hear them in my game for some reason.

I kept all sounds files either mono or stereo based on what they were already.

More Sound Mods:

Here is a mod for muting critters - rats and isapods.  A must have!

Here is a mod for quietier footsteps, I don't know if it's working that well but there's a million footstep sounds so I'm not going to bother with those myself.

Bow sound fx change