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Adds annotations to Jax's written dialogue lines to indicate when speaking them will either increase or decrease Jax's cold level. Helpful for roleplaying, getting a preferred ending, making use the three cold-dependent skill perks, and achievement hunting.

Permissions and credits

  • Only the English dialogue has been modified.
  • The annotations will also appear in subtitles.
  • In cases where the cold increase/decrease occurs sometime after a decision has been made, such as talking to Emmet after helping Detlef or to Jora after helping Korin, an attempt has been made to annotate the line(s) that would lead to it, although this isn't always possible.
  • A seperate version of the mod is included that preserves the changes made by matr0x's popular Elex Overhaul mod to item, skill, and attribute descriptions.
  • Any other mod which modifies the English string table (localization/en.str) will conflict with this mod.


Copy-and-paste m_8_cold_dialogue_warnings.pak into your ELEX installation's data/packed folder. For example, with the Steam version, the folder is typically found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ELEX\data\packed

If you're using the Elex Overhaul mod, make sure to copy over m_8_cold_dialogue_warnings_overhaul.pak INSTEAD. (Don't copy both!)

To uninstall, simply delete the .pak file from the data/packed folder. Since the changes are purely textual, there should be no problem with existing saved games when installing or uninstalling the mod.


If, after installing the mod, you notice either it or one of your other mods not working, you may have run up against Elex's mod limit. You'll need to merge two or more of the mods together. Fortunately, it's not too difficult using the Elex Resource Manager. The only file you need to extract from this mod is localization/en.str.


The scripts I've used to automate the process of adding the annotations have been provided. They might be useful for producing a version of the mod for another language, applying the changes on top of another mod's alterations to the string table, or changing the annotation text, for example.

You'll need Python 3 and the lianzifu tool in addition to Elex Resource Manager. Browse through the scripts themselves for more information.


A big thank you to:
  • Baltram for the Elex Resource Manager, essential to modding ELEX.
  • NicoDE for the lianzifu tool used to compile/decompile the string table.
  • matr0x for the wonderful Elex Overhaul mod which has given me hundreds more hours out of the game than I otherwise would have gotten.