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About this mod

Elex Overhaul is a mod that aims to fix many balance issues that exist in the game. It introduces new playstyles, balances existing ones and adds variety to the arsenal of weapons at player disposal.

Permissions and credits

Elex Overhaul 1.7 is ready for download
. Changes include rework of legendary weapons and shields, major weapon damage rebalance, adjusted blocking effectiveness and more. Check out the Logs tab for details.


List of content:
  1. Ranged combat
  2. Melee combat
  3. Legendary weapons
  4. Gems
  5. Magic
  6. Armors
  7. Ammunition
  8. Stims
  9. Potions
  10. Rings, amulets and sunglasses
  11. Other changes/fixes
  12. Installation
  13. FAQ

1. Ranged combat
  • Ranged and Heavy weapons stats have been readjusted to provide more unique experience with each weapon. Slugthrowers now behave like miniguns (yay!). Flamethrowers FINALLY spit fire instead of fireworks. There are high-powered snipers, accurate marksman rifles, fast-firing laser SMGs and more. Choose your favorite weapon and play the way you want.
  • Now all ranged weapons have different accuracy, recoil, rate of fire and/or cooldown on special fire modes. Each weapon feels and handles differently. 
  • Weapons that offer the highest damage-per-shot will have slower rates of fire, high accuracy and high recoil. These weapons are more cost efficient in terms of ammo usage and will excel at fighting slow moving enemies with high armor.
  • Weapons with high rates of fire will in turn have lower damage-per-shot, lower accuracy, lower recoil and are slightly more expensive to use, but have the highest damage-per-second ratings. They are great at fighting faster moving targets or groups of low HP enemies.
  • Weapons that have explosive/staggering properties (most heavy and few ranged weapons) deal a lot of damage in an area, making them your best choice against large groups of enemies. In turn, all explosive fire modes now have a cooldown of 1.5-3 seconds between each shot. No more permanent stagger! These weapons allow you to control the battlefield, but they require good positioning. Make your shots count.
  • In vanilla game, recoil was present only when firing shots during full auto modes. This made no sense. Now (almost) all weapons have recoil, regardless or fire mode used. Weapon recoil should now be taken into account when choosing your weapons.
  • In vanilla game, all weapons had PERFECT accuracy. Each shot landed exactly where the aiming reticle was pointing. With Elex Overhaul, all ranged/heavy weapons have varying accuracy. Now some weapons are perfect for fighting enemies at a long distance from a safe location, while other guns will only be effective at shorter ranges.
  • Removed camera sway that was played when firing ranged weapons. The sway made no sense, as it only moved the camera and did not affect the aiming reticle. This caused firing ranged weapons feel unnatural, especially for FPS-oriented players. Now the only camera movement played when firing is the one caused by the weapons recoil.
  • Lowered the damage reduction from burst/auto modes. In vanilla game, in most cases when a weapon mode was firing in burst or full-auto, the damage-per-bullet was lowered (10% lower for burst, 20% lower for full-auto). These values were lowered to 5% for burst and 10% for full-auto.
  • Velocity of all player controlled projectiles have been rebalanced. Projectiles in general will be faster, making it easier to hit moving targets.
  • Projectile speeds:
- Slow: Granades, rockets, AOE spells, utility spells
- Avarage: arrow, bolts, spears
- Fast: shotgun shells, slugthrower projectiles, single target damaging spells
- Very fast: laser, plasma
  • Full list of ranged/heavy weapon stats is available in the mod guide in the Files tab.

2. Melee combat
  • In vanilla game, all melee weapons had "hidden" stats of Attack Power and max damage. Attack Power affects the chance to stagger and knockdown enemies when using melee weapons. Max damage is the damage you deal when your combo meter is full. By default, all weapons had the same Attack Power (50 for one-handed, 100 for two-handed) and the same max damage percentage (approximately 125% of the base damage). In Elex Overhaul this is no longer the case.
  • Melee weapons behave differently based on their type.
  • Swords have low Attack Power value (30-40 for one-handed, 80-90 for two-handed weapons) and high max damage (130-135%). Players using swords will favor aggressive tactics, dodging instead of blocking and keeping their combo meter as high as possible to maximize their damage.
  • Axes are more balanced and feel more like the vanilla game. They have a medium Attack Power (50-60 for one-handed, 100-110 for two-handed weapons) and average max damage (120-125%). They are universal weapons that should fit many playstyles.
  • Blunt weapons are real wrecking balls, with high Attack Power (70-80 for one-handed, 120-130 for two-handed weapons), but low max damage (110-115%). Blunt weapons users will focus on staggering their opponents, controlling the flow of the fight.
  • Blocking with melee weapons has also been revamped. Now blocking is easier in general, encouraging more tactical approach to fights.
  • Your blocking ability is determined by a mixture of your Knockdown Resistance (provided by armor, items and skills) and by the type of weapon (1-handed, 2-handed or shield) that is used to block. Sharp, small weapons (like 1-handed swords) are the least effective. Bulky, large weapons (like 2-handed hammers) are more effective. Shields are obviously best suited for blocking.
  • Shields offer now an attractive alternative for melee users that do not want to use two-handed weapons. Shields have been categorized as light/heavy and will behave differently based on their weight. Heavier shields have higher chance to stagger/stun enemies, while lighter shields will deal more damage when bashing. 
  • Shield weight (from lightest to heaviest): Energy < Wooden < Scrap < War
  • All shields give elemental resistance specific to its faction/type. Resistance increases with higher shield level. This change was made to make shield users a bit more "tanky" without making them overpowered. Resistance types:
- Energy shield = Lightning
- Wooden = Poison
- Scrap = Radiation
- War = Fire
  • Upgrade costs for shields were cut in half. In the vanilla game upgrading shields was just as expensive as upgrading melee weapons while adding little benefits. Now it costs only half of the original Elexit to upgrade shields.
  • Reversed resistance effects on the Legendary shields. Ironfists's Shield now gives Poison resistance. Calaan's Bulwark gives Lightining resistance.
  • Full list of melee weapon and shield stats is available in the mod guide in the Files tab.

3. Legendary weapons
  • Legendary versions of the weapons and shields are now truly legendary. They are very powerful end-game gear, but have high stat requirements to wield.
  • Legendary gear is now considered "level 3+", with noticeable damage and stat requirement increase over their "level 3" counterparts.
  • Legendary weapons and shields have no gem sockets, so they cannot be upgraded further. On the other hand, upgradeable weapons can still be further improved with gems, bringing them closer in performance to legendary items, without increasing their stat requirements. Check the "Gems" section of the mod guide for details.

4. Gems
  • Vanilla gem sockets were largely useless. The recipes required a total of 16(!) small gems in order to make a large gem. Additionally, the gems are static items in the game, making them very hard to come by.
  • In Elex Overhaul the gem system has been reworked to offer a great way to improve your weapons. A fully upgraded weapon with 3 large gems will match the performance of legendary gear, while keeping stat requirements low. Mix and match gems to create your perfect weapon. Want to drain lifeforce from your enemies, ignore their resistance, buff your companions damage? Go find some gems!
  • Adjutor upgrades are also available. There are 3 gem sockets available to fill up in your Adjutor, allowing you to choose in what way you wish to specialize your character (defense, attack, companion upgrades).
  • Basic versions (level "0") of the melee, ranged, heavy weapons and shields have no gem sockets. Weapons and shields gain an additional socket with each upgrade. Fully upgraded gear (level 3) will have 3 gem sockets. Magic weapons (Berkerker "Fists" and Cleric PSI Thrower/Amplifier) have 3 gem sockets. Legendary weapons and shields have no sockets.
  • NOTICE: Not all gems work with spell weapons as intended. For instance, lifesteal (from blue gems) does not seem to work with any spells. Damage buffs (from red gem) work only on single target and AOE spells, but not on DOT type spells like Poison Cloud. Remember that you can add/remove the gems from any weapon at any time and test what effects work best for your playstyle.
  • The recipes have been changed to the following:
2 x small gems = 1 x medium gem
2 x medium gems = 1 x large gem
  • IMPORTANT! Remove the gems from your weapon before upgrading it to a higher level! The way crafting works in the game, upgrading a weapon creates a completely new item, destroying the old one in the process(with any gems attached to it). You can re-insert the gems back to the weapon once you upgrade it. You have been warned.
  • Gem stats are available in the mod guide in the Files tab.

5. Magic
  • Magic in the vanilla game was as unbalanced as the ranged weapons. Spells with crowd control and area of effect capabilities were outperforming other spells by a huge margin. Elex Overhaul fixes this by adjusting damage and spell cost, as well as adding cooldown to spells that cause stagger. Using magic should now feel less broken and more rewarding.
  • All spells had a damage increase of 25-50%. The reason for this was to keep spells in line with the end-game damage output or melee and ranged weapons.
  • All area of effect spells and crowd control spells have their Mana/Energy cost increased. Single target spells are cheaper and can be used much longer before running out of Mana/Energy.
  • Several spells have had their damage fixed. There were hidden damage reductions present for many spells, including Force Field, Flame Jet, Poison Cloud and others. Now these spells should deal respectable damage, making them a viable way to deal with the enemies.
  • Ability spells have been reworked as well. The overpowered spells have had their effect reduced or cost increased, while less popular spells have been buffed to make them worth the investment.
  • Check out the mod guide in the Files tab for details regarding available spell stats.

6. Armors
  • Vanilla armors all had both Constitution and Strength requirements. While I fully understand the Constitution requirements, being forced to increase Strength in all my builds (including mage and heavy weapon builds) was kind of a bummer. This is no longer the case in Elex Overhaul.
  • All armors have had their requirements adjusted. Now you only need Constitution to equip higher tier armors.

7. Ammunition
  • Using ranged weapons costs money. This is a disadvantage when compared to melee or magic, since in Elex having more money means better stats/abilities/gear. So to mitigate this and keep all ranged weapons equally viable, the prices of ammo has been adjusted. Basic ammo now has similar price for all ranged/heavy weapons. Special (craftable) ammo is very expensive to buy in shops, but quite cheap to make for yourself using the Outlaw "Create Ammunition" skill.
  • Ammo crafting was supposed to be one of the selling points of the Outlaw faction. In practice, creating ammo was too expensive, making it a straight up waste of money. With Elex Overhaul, creating your own ammo is not only way cheaper, but also a great way to boost your arsenal of devastating effects you can unleash in a fight. Choose between radiation, shrapnel, explosive, plasma, serrated and piercing ammunition and rain death upon your enemies.
  • Ammunition recipes have been simplified: all recipes now use less ingredients and produce more ammo. Recipes will no longer include ingredients that make creating ammo non-profitable.
  • Recipes always produce more then 1 ammo item. For example, the recipe for normal bolts (20 arrows + 1 iron ore) will produce 20 bolts. The produced amount for each recipe is not visible in the crafting menu due to the UI limitations, but the recipes produce the correct amount of ammo as intended.
  • Ammo buy/sell prices and recipes are available in the mod guide in the Files tab.

8. Stims
  • Just as ammo crafting, creating your own stims were supposed to be one of the perks of being an Outlaw. And just as with ammo crafting, it was (in most cases) not worth the money and time to craft them. The price of the ingredients needed to make stims was too high to justify using them.
  • With Elex Overhaul stims can now actually compete with magic/tech in terms of usefulness. Effect duration and/or effects have been increased for many stims.
  • Now only Outlaws are capable of producing stims. Now non-Outlaw players can still buy and use stims, but only Outlaws will be able to make them.
  • Physical copies of several ability-related stim recipes were removed from the world space. The stim recipes that are obtainable by learning Outlaw abilities can now be learned either by spending ability points for these abilities or buying the recipes from traders. The recipe prices have been adjusted so that learning the recipe through the ability tree is much cheaper. Originally, there was little reason to learn most of the stim abilities, since the player could simply find the recipes in the world. Now in order to gain access to the most powerful stims, you have to invest your ability points in them. Stim recipes removed from the world space are: Mind Changer, Animal Lover, Immune Booster, Pick-Me-Up, Scrap Scanner, Tough Guy, Lifeblood, Steel Skin.
  • Stim buying/selling prices were modified to keep the game economy balanced.
  • Increased buying/selling prices for stim recipes at traders.
  • Stim recipes are available in the mod guide in the Files tab.

9. Potions
  • Major changes to Elex potions and permanent stat potions.
  • By default, Elex potions were too easy to create. Elex is relatively cheap to buy and find. This in turn allowed to build up stats VERY quickly and gain access to higher tier weapons way earlier then intended. 
  • Now creating Elex potions requires more Elex. New recipes are:
- Small Elex potion:
1 liquor + 3 elex
- Elex potion:
1 liquor + 6 elex
2 Small Elex potions + 2 Elex
- Large Elex potion:
1 liquor + 12 Elex
2 Elex Potions + 4 Elex
  • Its cheaper to create Elex potions using liquor and pure Elex rather then combining smaller potions.
  • Small Elex potions now gives 200XP (up from 100XP)
  • Permanent stat potions are a great way to buff your character. But by default the effects of the potions were inconsistent. HP and Stamina boosts that the player was able to get were MASSIVE. Also, the player could get much more Energy then Mana from potions, leaving Berserker players at a disadvantage. Due to how recipes worked, Berserker magic users had to choose between buffing HP or Mana, while melee/ranged users could easily buff their HP and Stamina at the same time.
  • Permanent stat potions have now been reworked. Recipes now make more sense and support multiple playstyles in a balanced way. Also, the stat boosts have been adjusted, so that the potions won't make the player overpowered, but will still provide a significant upgrade.
  • Now only the Elixir of Healing (permanent HP boost) uses Kings Sorrel plant for its recipe. Recipes for other permanent stat potions (Stamina, Energy and Mana) use the Golden Whisper plant.
  • Changed recipe for Elixir of Stamina to use only 1 Wolf Leaf instead of 5.
  • Changed recipe for Elixir of Quantity recipe to use only 1 Troll Leaf instead of 5. 
  • Elixir of Healing: Name changed to Elixir of Health. Permanent +10 HP boost (down from +20). You can get max boost of +60 HP if you find all 6 Kings Sorrels. 
  • Elixir of Mana: Permanent +5 Mana boost (down from +20). You can get a max boost of +90 Mana if you find all 18 Golden Whispers. 
  • Long-lasting Energy Reserve: Permanent +5 Energy boost (down from +10). You can get a max boost of +90 Energy if you find all 18 Golden Whispers. 
  • Elixir of Stamina: permanent +10 Stamina boost (down from +20). You can get a max boost of +180 Stamina if you find all 18 Golden Whispers.
  • Elixir of Quantity: permanent +10 stim capacity boost (down from +20). You can get a max boost of +180 stim capacity if you find all 18 Golden Whispers.
  • NOTE: After using the Elixir of Quantity, you will notice that you stim capacity bar is partially depleted. In order to fill it up and be able to use the newly received stim capacity, sleep in any bed. This will fully restore the bar. This is due to how stim capacity works in Elex and there is no other way around it.
  • WARNING: Do not assign the permanent stat potions to a toolbar and DO NOT use then by clicking the quickslot button. Use them only directly from the inventory. Using them from the toolbar will not award you extra stats and you will waste the potion. This is true for ALL permanent stat potions.

10. Rings, amulets and sunglasses
  • All sunglasses now provide a +2 bonus to Charisma, additionally to any other special effects they have.
  • Added a few changes to make ring and amulet crafting more rewarding. Lowered Elexit cost when making jewelry using recipes. Now its actually worth the effort to buy the Goldsmith ability and create your own amulets/rings.
  • Ring of Vitality: Removed "Troll Heart" ingredient from the recipe and replaced it with 4 natural Elex.
  • Ring of Power: Lowered bonus Strength from 10 to 5. Stamina bonus remains the same (10). Removed "Cyclop's eye" ingredient from the recipe and replaced it with 4 natural Elex.
  • Amulet of Wanderlust: Increased bonus HP from 10 to 30. Ice resistance remains the same (25). Getting this amulet required finishing a long scavenger hunt mission and the reward was quite disappointing. Now there is more incentive to complete the mission.
  • Hunter's Amulet: Increased bonus Strength to 10. This was done to match the effects of the Survival Artist's Amulet (which has a 10 Dexterity bonus).
  • Warrior's Amulet: Increased Knockdown Resistance and Attack Power bonuses from 5 to 15. The vanilla bonuses were too small to notice a difference. Now the amulet is an attractive option for melee focused players.
  • Ring of Combat: Increased Attack Power bonus from 5 to 10. HP bonus remains the same (10).
  • Rings of Radiation/Poison/Ice/Fire Resistance: Increased the resistance values for each damage type from 10 to 20.
  • Cleric Amulet: Removed energy regeneration, replaced it with bonus 30 points to max energy. This item was game breaking. It made Cleric magic waaaay to easy to use and made using energy reserves redundant for almost all fights. Now the 30 energy bonus helps a lot in longer fights, but you will still need to sleep or use energy reserves to replenish your energy.
  • Berserker Amulet: Increased bonus max Mana from 10 to 30.
  • Outlaws Amulet: Increased bonus max stim capacity from 10 to 30.
  • Amulet of Defense: total rework. This item was so overpowered, it was not even funny... Now it does not give the player the Last Stand ability on each equip, but instead gives 5 bonus points to Armor and 10 bonus points to Knockdown Resistance, making this an excellent choice for tank builds.
  • Added Constitution bonuses to a few items. This was done to allow heavy weapon users to enjoy easier access to high end weapons, same way as players using melee and ranged weapons are able to.
  • Soldier's Amulet: Added +5 Constitution.
  • Amulet of the Provider: Name changed to "Wanderer's Amulet". Added +10 Constitution.
  • Amulet of Survival: Added +5 Constitution.
  • Ring of Vigor: Added +5 Constitution.
  • Ring of Strength: Name changed to "Soldier's Ring". Added +5 Constitution.
  • Thief's Ring: Name changed to "Ring of Survival". Added +5 Constitution.
  • Ring of Stamina: Name changed to "Ring of Constitution". Removed Stamina bonus and replaced it with +10 Constitution.
  • WARNING: If your character is using one of the ring/amulets/sunglasses that are mentioned above, I highly recommend to UNEQUIP THEM before installing/updating Elex Overhaul. Take them off, save your game, install/update the mod, load the game and equip them back. This will ensure that the equip/unequip script for the rings/amulets runs correctly. If you forget this step, you might end up with permanently reduced stats. You have been warned.

11. Other changes/fixes
  • New descriptions for all attributes. The vanilla attribute descriptions are misleading, stating that certain attributes increase melee/ranged damage, magic damage or stim capacity. Attributes DO NOT increase any of these values in game and serve only as an unlocking mechanism for high end abilities and gear. Now the descriptions match reality.
  • NOTE: All descriptions changes are done for the English language. The mod will work just fine any language, but you will not see the new ability/item descriptions for languages other then English.
  • "Attack Strength" ability changed to "Attack Power". This was done to avoid confusion with the "Strength" attribute. It increases the same stat that is also present on every melee weapon (hidden in UI, see Elex Overhaul Guide for exact numbers). Higher Attack Power allows staggering opponents more frequently every time they are hit in melee. Descriptions of items that use this stat have also been updated to use the new name.
  • "Parry Strength" ability changed to "Knockdown Resistance". It increases the same stat that is also present on every armor. Higher Knockdown Resistance means you will be less likely to get knocked down/staggered/stunned when an enemy hits you. Descriptions of items that use this stat have also been updated to use the new name.
  • "Personality" ability category name changed to "Charisma". Other categories followed the same rule that the category name was the same as the skill used in conversation checks. Only "Personality" was converting to "Charisma". To avoid confusion, now the entire ability tree is renamed to Charisma.
  • Description fixes for the following abilities: Heavy Punch, Extra Hitpoints (now Extra Health), Frost Resistance, Armor, Animal Trophies, Good Eater, Lock Picking, Pickpocket, Hack, Haggler, Combat Skills, Crafting Skills, Survival Skills, Personality Skills (now Charisma Skills), Mana, Poisonous Aura, Chem Capacity, Overdrive Stim (now Lifeblood Stim), Battery.
  • Name and descriptions changes for MANY items.
  • All helmets will now stay visible during dialogs. The helmets magically vanishing during every dialog was unimmersive. Now your techno-viking can look cool not only when fighting, but also when talking.
  • Certain NPC-owned or quest weapons had their stats adjusted to match their equivalents. These weapons cannot be upgraded further and do not have any gem sockets. The weapons have been assigned the following stats:
Lennart's Bow = Cultivators Bow I
Refurbished Grenade Launcher = Grenade Launcher I
Antique Sword = Horned Sword II
Volkmar's Weapon = Dual Hammer II
Korin's Weapon = Mace I
Eli's Weapon = Reaperblade I
  • Fixed EMP and Plasma Ball modes for Plasma Blaster PLS-T and Redeemer. Now these modes fire the correct projectiles as intended.
  • Mortal Beam and Executor have had their stats changed to DEX/INT. Previously it was DEX/STR, which made no sense compared to other energy weapons.
  • Removed "Mutant Killer" perk from Mortal Beam. This perk is very powerful and getting it for free when using Mortal Beam has made the weapon outperform all other laser weapons. Now Mortal Beam is still a very good weapon, but not as overpowered.
  • Widowmaker (legendary Granade Launcher) fire mode has been changed from burst to single fire to match the its non-legendary equivalent.
  • Fixed weapon modes for Executor. Now the weapon can utilize the same weapon modes as the other plasma guns.
  • Fixed attack/parry bonuses (now renamed to Attack Power and Knockdown Resistance) for rings and amulets. Some items were not using the correct modifiers to boost the intended player stats. Now all items related to those skills work as stated in their descriptions.
  • Fixed recipes for Chainsaber I upgrades. The recipes were using the Cleric skill as requirement for adding custom damage types to the weapon. Now they use the Outlaw skill as intended. 
  • Fixed the consume script for the Elixir of Quantity. There was a vanilla bug that caused the potion to be unusable from inventory. Now the player can consume the potion just like any other and the player will be awarded bonus stim capacity as intended.
  • Fixed upgrade progression for Scrap Shotgun. This was a vanilla bug. Turns out the upgrades were broken for all weapon levels. Now its possible to upgrade the Scrap Shotgun from basic weapon all the way up to level 3 without issues.
  • Fixed the vanilla bug affecting the Morning Star II upgrade recipe. The vanilla recipe required 1500 iron ores to upgrade. Now the recipe uses 1500 Elexit, as intended.

12. Installation

To install the mod, simply download the zip from the "Download" tab and unpack it. Insert the file "m_1_elex_overhaul_VERSION.pak" to the game folder: "\ELEX\data\packed".

IMPORTANT: Remember to delete the old mod file before installing a new version.

To uninstall the mod, just delete the mod .pak file from the game folder.

Starting a new game is not necessary. Its generally safe to install and uninstall the mod at any time during the playthrough. Few things worth remembering though:
  • Remove any gems in your weapons before uninstalling the mod. If you keep the gems in your weapon, they might disappear after uninstalling the mod. So remove the gems, save your game, uninstall the mod, load the game and then attach the gems back to anything you want.
  • If your character is using one of the ring/amulets/sunglasses that are mentioned in the mod descriptions, I highly recommend to UNEQUIP THEM before installing/updating Elex Overhaul. Take them off, save your game, install/update the mod, load the game and equip them back. This will ensure that the equip/unequip script for the items runs correctly. If you forget this step, you might end up with permanently reduced stats.

And last but not least... remember to press the "Endorse" button if you like the mod :)

13. FAQ

Q: Does this mod support other languages then English?
A: Yes, but partially. The gameplay aspects of Elex Overhaul (new stats, recipes, etc.) will work with game ANY language. So you won't have any issues in terms of balance. The only thing not available for the non-English languages are new item/ability/attribute descriptions. For instance: when playing with the German language you will correctly receive the extra Armor and Knockdown Resistance when using the Amulet of Defense, but in the item description you will still see text saying that the amulet gives a "second chance in combat". The difference is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay.

Q: I found a bug in the mod. Where can I report it?
A: There are a few options: use the bug reporting feature on the mods Nexus page, add a comment on the mod page or (preferably) send me an email on [email protected] . This is a rather large mod with a lot of changes. I tested as much as I could, but there are sure to be some bugs left. I will fix any reported bugs as soon as possible.

Q: This mod does not work. I cannot see any changes.
A: The most common reasons for the mod changes not being visible is: A) You have not added the pak file in the correct place (see installation instructions) or B) you are using too many mods. Do not use more then 2 modded .pak files with Elex. Elex does not handle multiple pak files well. Using more then 2 might result in the modded files not being loaded in the game and the mod will not work as intended. If you want to use more mods, then it is recommended to merge the pak files from several mods into one larger pak file containing all the changes.

Q: Is there any way I can help you to make this mod even better?
A: Definitely! All ideas for new feature or balance improvements are welcome and encouraged. Send me an email on [email protected] describing how you think the mod could be improved.

Q: I'd like to make my own mod for Elex, but I don't know how. Could you help?
A: Sure :) Send me an email on what exactly it is you want to know and we'll see what we can do.

Q: What tools did you use to make this mod?
A: Elex Resource Manager by Baltram was used to extract the base files. Also, in order to mod the descriptions in game, I used the tool lianzifu by NicoDE. Both are great tools, this mod would not exist without them. Baltram and NicoDE, if you're reading this, know that you're awesome.

Q: I don't like the feature X, Y and Z in this mod.
A: You can change anything you want in the mod yourself:
  • Download Elex Resource Manager
  • Read the instructions on the Manager page and within the Manager zip file.
  • Based on the Manager instructions, unpack Elex Overhaul .pak file to gain access to the base files.
  • Add/delete/modify any of the files you want.
  • Re-pack the mod the same way you unpacked it.

Q: Any other mods you recommend?
A: Here are some suggestions:

Q: Wow, this mod covers a lot of changes. How long did it take to make this?
A: You don't wanna know...