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The archive contains save file useful for unlocking specific achievements. You can unlock all skills specified achievements and two other achievements. Still has to be tested if some achievements are possible to get that way. Feel free to give feedback.

Permissions and credits
List of possible achievements You can unlock with these saves:
Cultivator - Joined the Berserkers
Acolyte - Joined the Clerics
Runner - Joined the Outlaws
Balance of Power - Sealed the fate of Abessa City
Picture Album - Collected 20 pictures
Natural Survivor - Learned all survival skills
Flexible Friend - Learned all dexterity skills
Hero - Learned all character skills
Nature Lover - Learned all Berserker skills
Master Criminal - Learned all Outlaw skills
Beacon of Faith - Learned all Cleric skills
Fightmaster - Learned all fighting skills
* Installation *
Extract the archive to Your desktop, open the folder and choose which achievements You'd like to get. Then select these saves and copy them to C:\Users\*Your username*\Saved Games\ELEX\SaveGames.
* How to get achievements? *
Just load the save and talk with the NPC in front of You.
*For skills achievements there's one last locked skill that You just have to unlock.
*For fraction skills just join the fraction by talking with NPC.
*For Balance of Power achievement You should talk with the beggar and finish the quest in which You have to defeat 3 enemies. Then talk with the beggar again and leave Abessa City.
*For the Picture Album achievement it should trigger when You pick up the photo located in front of You.
* Note *
The Picture Album achievement could trigger Calaan achievement as well but I can't test that because I've
already unlocked these achievements. Also it could contain spoilers for
the quest in which You have to find Calaan.