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This mod adds the Alb armors to the game.

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I was going to RP as an Alb when I discovered that you can't get your old Alb armor back. Especially when you get a specific ending it feels kinda off that you don't get a more fitting outfit. This mod solves this problem and you can get all types of Alb and Separatist armors. Also Jax will have his pale skin which you can see in many cutscenes and the introduction.



Added a much smaller and better non replacer version of the mod. It adds the armors to the game without replacing an existing one.

I placed them as items in Magallan so keep your eyes open. There is just one single item of every armor since they are intended to be elusive items (you know ... sense of pride and accomplishment). There's a small textfile with some vague hints so you don't have to search all of Magallan if you don't want to.

For technical reasons every item besides the "Commander's Helmet" uses the visual of the elexit bag until you pick them up. Sorry but armors weren't intended to be placed as items by PB ...

The mod is not as savegame friendly as the last version so I recommend that you start a new game.

Update 2.1:

Added the Separatist armors and some bonus armor (see screenshot and textfile) that was unobtainable before.



  • Extract the files to: ELEX\data\packed


  • Remove the files from your ELEX directory