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Reshade 4.0+ preset that improves contrast and colour. It gets rid of the game's overpowering blue tint and adds depth to shadows and dark areas.

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I initially set out to transfer over the settings from a wonderful preset called "HD Realism" by SplitCoreGaming to Reshade 4.0, but I ended up tinkering with the settings and created something new. The tonemap and ambient light settings were taken directly from the original preset (because they were perfect).

This new preset combines the flawless colour correction of the original (which gets rid of the game's overpowering blue tint) with settings that improve the game's contrast. Shadows actually have depth now. Night looks like night, and not early morning. I used to hate the jungle zones in the game because they were so bland, but this preset makes them look gorgeous. The forest feels much denser because of the accentuated shadows from the trees.

Performance hit: None (the preset doesn't use any taxing effects)

Versions: "Light" and "Dark". This just determines how dark the blacks are (colour correction is the same). The dark version looks better due to improved contrast. However, it's also a pain to use indoors (especially inside player houses) because ESO interiors are unnaturally dark due to how light source illumination behaves in this game. Use whichever you prefer.

You can find comparison screenshots here:

Installation Instructions:

1. Download Reshade from here:
2. Run the .exe
3. Click "select game"
4. Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client
5. Choose eso64.exe (or eso.exe if you use 32-bit client)
6. Select Direct3D 10+ and install all the shaders when asked

Once that is done, unzip the mod folder you downloaded from here and copy
the text file inside to your ESO client folder (the same folder in step

NOTE: If it is too dark at night or inside buildings, make sure that the black levels on your monitor are properly calibrated:

Also, make sure your in-game gamma setting is set accordingly after installing the preset.

PS: This preset works wonderfully with Doodlezoid's Daybreak mod (I highly recommend downloading it):