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A major graphical overhaul for the Elder Scrolls Online

Permissions and credits
(I highly recommend using Votan's Darker Nights addon. It will automatically adjust gamma levels according to the time of day)
Download Addon here:
In Settings > Addons > Votan Darker Nights > set New Moon to 80, Full Moon to 90. 

ESO Graphics Extender

Finally the most massive ESO graphical overhaul has been released. With the newly released shader pack for Reshade 3.0.7 there are some really neat effects you can replicate in ESO. After weeks of tweaking and consulting with shader programmers I've finally finished this master piece. This is more than just a Reshade preset, it also contains slightly modified shaders for ESO and increases the view distance drastically, so there is no longer a blue tinted fog everywhere. 
This preset is based off Ultra Real Lighting and Colors, adjustments were made mathematically with a bit of eyeballing on the side. There are several differences between this overhaul and any other preset. The aim of this project was to replicate visual enhancement mods seen in Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind with ENBs and such. SweetFX previously did not have the tools to do the things we can achieve now in ESO.

Important Updates

Added qUINT lightroom shader
Updated for Werewolf patch

Gamma fix pass 5
DoF adjusted (Home key to toggle)
Updated for Summerset patch


Gamma fix pass 4

Updated for Clockwork City patch

HDR balance
Gamma fix pass 3
Support for
Votan's Darker Nights addon

More performance optimizations
Gamma fix pass 2


Performanc optimization
removed AO & DepthHaze.


HDR balance,
Gamma fix pass 1

Fixed depth buffer access(allows DOF w/o flicker)

Fixed HDR balance

How to manually install? (If you use the Full Version read the READ ME for explanation)

1) Download the latest version of Reshade ( then click select game
2) Navigate to the location:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client  or wherever your ESO64.exe is located
3) Check
Direct3D 10+ then allow Reshade to automatically download shaders.
4) Only leave checked the following shaders (or it will take longer to load Reshade up)

  • AmbientLight (removed temporarily)
  • Bloom
  • Clarity
  • Colourfulness
  • Curves
  • DepthHaze (removed as of 1.4b)
  • HDR
  • LiftGammaGain
  • LightDoF
  • LumaSharpen
  • MagicBloom
  • Monochrome
  • qUINT_lightroom (added in 2.0)

5) Overwrite the "dxgi.dll" file with the one in the Preset. This prevents reshade from disabling depth buffer access which is needed for proper DoF.

6) Download and execute Hook64 ( You will need to use this to launch the game, This will increase draw distance and remove excess fog.

7) Press Right Shift + F2 to open up Reshade GUI. Follow the tutorial, at the top it lets you choose a local preset. If you download the Preset alone then you have to place it in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client

*Note: If reshade disables the preset when the GUI disappears then click Settings and do the following
Input Processing:  Block input when cursor is on overlay
Under User Interface check Show Clock or Show FPS (This will keep the GUI active to avoid the bug. Crosire is aware of this issue)

8) In Reshade Gui (RShift + F2) go to Settings then under Usage Mode, select performance mode.
[I've also provided my own Reshade config files, and Hook64 for anyone who doesn't want to do everything manual. All you have to do is extract the files to your Game client folder then run the Hook64 and the preset should be auto-selected]

Video Tutorial (as requested)

-Known Bugs-

1) Reshade doesn't render unless GUI is active.
Solution: Shift+F2 then click Settings, then change Input Processing to "Block input when cursor is on overlay". Now under user interface check show Time/FPS. 

2) Crash on Startup
Solution: Rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

3) No shaders showing up in reshade menu
Solution: Check d3d11.ini and dxgi.ini if the paths are set correctly for you game and shader folder.

4) DoF doesn't work (or everything is caught in DoF?)
Solution: Full screen breaks DOF, change to Windowed Fullscreen. 

PLEASE do not reuse my preset in your own unless given permission.

any artwork or video of this preset is 100% allowed, just cite this page.