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An update of the original URLC for Morrowind expansion.

Permissions and credits
Credits to JizargoLikesKittens for the original Ultra Real Lighting and Colors.

This SweetFX preset was created for Morrowind Expansion specifically. I've adjusted the gamma levels to make colors "pop out" even under heavy HDR emulation. Ultimately after weeks of tweaking I've managed to eliminate the blue tint, and prevent a green/purple tint from occurring in doing so. The settings in this preset have mathematically been done, and I do not recommend changing anything besides FXAA if you absolutely need to.

--Original Description--


1) Go to "eso.exe" directory located at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client

2) Extract files from either 32bit or 64bit version folder (Depends on your system, by default I'd assume 64bit)

To clarify it even further, you are extracting the following to your "game\client" folder directory;
SweetFX (Folder)
to the game/client location (where your your eso.exe/ESO64.exe is located)

3) Done.

Your gamma settings should be set so the middle icon is barely visible when the preset enabled.

PRESS "Scroll Lock" to toggle On/Off. (You can change this at Global_settings.txt within the SweetFX folder)