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Last updated at 4:03, 17 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 18:15, 11 Jan 2017

Attention: I will not be updating my ESO addons any time soon. 

Please check out DarkUI by Jhenox. It now goes far beyond the scope of CleanUI, has Light and Dark theme options, and is updated frequently. 

Clean UI (for PC)

This addon retextures several elements of the UI to give a clean and consistent look, without straying far from the look of the default UI. If you've ever found yourself thinking that the default UI wouldn't be so bad without the "grunge" overlays and fuzzy textures, then this is the addon for you! Many of the changes are subtle, but I feel they are worthwhile. Take a look at the screenshots to see for yourself.

Please adjust your gamma in Video Settings for the best results!

Latest Updates

v1.2 NEW Added a couple more "divider" textures. FIXED Corrected the texture path to the target frame background so it's no longer invisible. TWEAKED Adjusted the background opacity of unit frames, and attempted to improve the player increased armor frame.

Current Features

  • Various Small Improvements (removal of some "grunge" effects, etc)
  • Clean Action bar
  • Clean Ability and Achievement Icon  Borders
  • Clean Progress Bars (XP, Champion, and Timer Bars)
  • Clean Tooltips
  • Clean Compass (compatible with addons that tweak the compass i.e resize/scale, move, hide, or hide the background)
  • Clean Player Attribute Bars (compatible with addons that add information/overlays/colors/opacity to the default frames, as well as custom unit frame addons)
  • Clean Unit Frames - Target/Group -  (compatible with addons that add information/overlays/colors/opacity to the default frames, as well as custom unit frame addons)

Planned Features (in progress)

  • Clean Backgrounds
  • Clean Top and Bottom Bars
  • Who knows? I'm open to suggestions!


Completely Compatible with nearly everything. Any addons that utilize default textures will be affected by this addon. (I think that's a good thing!)
Partially Compatible with other UI retexture addons, such as Oblivion Style UI and Skyrim Style UI. There seem to be some issues with our compasses coniflicting if you use a gamepad.
Completely Incompatible with ... nothing that I know of.

Recommended Addons

  • Azurah - Interface Enhanced - for various great improvements to the default UI
  • AUI - "TESO Template", for buff tracking and further customization of unit frames
  • MiniMap - because even though I spent a long time making the compass look nice, I still hate it :p


Please feel free to edit my textures and/or use them as a reference for your own ESO addons. All I ask is that you don't put them on sites that charge money and that you mention where you got the textures from.

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