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uespLog was originally created by the to collect game data but it has grown into a large collection of miscellaneous but useful functions.

Permissions and credits
The original purpose of uespLog was to collect game data which could be used the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages ( web site. Since then it has grown into a large collection of useful functions which include:

  • All features are optional and can be turned on/off as desired.
  • Most features are accessed via the game's command line.
  • Collection of game data for use in (see for the raw parsed data)
  • Display item styles in lists and tooltips.
  • Display known/unknown crafting trait for items in lists and tooltips.
  • Display of known/unknown recipes.
  • Saving of character build data for upload and display on
  • See which chapters of a motif you know.
  • Show your current enlightenment.
  • Extra display icons for ingredients.
  • Show which traits are being researched.
  • Options to disable confirmation of mail deletions and lorebook message display.
  • Display of extra PVP capture/campaign information (battles, captures in progress, full captures, etc...).
  • Game time/date display
  • Automatic timer for help in looting of treasure chests and sacks.
  • Automatic uploading of saved log data to on Windows/PC using the included uespLogMonitor program.
  • Dumping of raw game information (items, skills, globals, achivements, character, recipes, etc...)
  • Save character data for viewing offline at

Installation and use of the add-on is very simple:
  • Download the add-on.
  • For a manual installation copy the add-on to the game's "Addons" directory under "uespLog".
  • Start the game.
  • Adjust settings by going to the Settings::AddOns::uespLog menu or via the "/uespset" chat command.
  • Addon data is saved to the game's "SavedVariables" directory when you logout or reload the UI.
  • On Windows/PC you can run the included uespLogMonitor program to automatically upload data to the UESP.
  • For manual submission of data visit

See the official manual for a complete list of all in-game commands, options and abilities.