The Elder Scrolls Online

About this mod

ESO_Next is the next level in ESO graphics. This mod reworks the graphics in ESO with truly next gen Lighting and reflections with Ray tracing more realistic shadows and colors as well as Better more advanced Anti-aliasing.

Permissions and credits

Hi everyone this is my first go at this i have had some people asking for my preset so here it is. I play eso alot and wanted to see just how far i could push it and push it i did. ESO_Next brings a truly next level in lighting, color, shadows and reflections and more advanced anti-aliasing to elder scrolls online. So this is going to be a little complicated and long of a set up but the results are truly amazing. But i warn everyone off the bat that this is a large performance hit so tho it can be adjusted, to get the results i get, expect a large drop in fps so make sure your system can handle it. I want to start off by saying thank you to Marty Mcfly for this god skills in ray tracing

First off this Preset uses Marty Mcflys Ray tracing shader this is not free and costs 5$ per month on his patreon he is an amazing human i suggest you all go run out and get this now This mod will work with out it but the results will be no where near what the screen shots show.  ESO_Next is based off  RTGI beta V0.19 make sure you download the right version as updating can break things so i will provide updates when new versions come so use caution when updating shaders.


Update Version 1.5 of  the ESO_Next project has arrived and with it comes a Stage 3 of new color system with over hauled bloom lighting and better more advanced AA also major upgrade to ray traceing with Rtgi .19 improved lighting shadows and reflections. No other mods are required other then RTGI .19. The extended fov and and fog is suggested but optional. Be sure to turn in game AA, bloom and lens flair off in game and re calibrate your gamma levels on your  first boot of the game after install. Thank you to all my testers for helping bring ESO to the Next Level!!

Technical Support

For quick and fast 24/7 support feel free to join my discord - ESO_Next Discord Support Group
Menu transparency issue Guide

Optional Expanded View and Reduced Fog
I have also made a guide for installing Daybreak's extended view and fog reducer for anyone who would like to try it plz all credit for this goes to Doodlezoid and i would like to thank him for a very useful mod so if you would like to add this just follow the provided guide.

ESO_Next V1.5 DEMO - With Reduced Fog and Extended View

Install Guide

The zip i provide contains a Modified version of reshade meant to allow accesses to the depth buffer so that ray tracing can be used online with eso along with all the shaders (except ray tracing get that from Marty and just install and Sneezes color profiles follow install instructions) and textures needed along with ini files.

Reshade Install

First install the modded reshade to ESO

once reshade is installed you will need to edit your game paths just cick where it says EDIT Reshade Settings

once click you will see the folder paths just click the browse button and find them on your pc (you can copy the files from the zip over before you preform this step) ( screenshot can be anything)

After Reshade is installed copy your reshade Folder in your eso folder ini files go in your /client folder

Next you install RTGI by Marty McFly  Again this is 5$ and a must have

Once installed your shader folder will look like this

Reshade Settings

Now that you have every thing installed on your first boot up you will want to select the ESO_Next Profile like so

Now your active shader list should look like the following if it dose not just drag the shaders in to the correct order.

In Game Graphic Settings

Next is your in game graphics settings they should look like this ( In game Dof can be turned on or off with version 1.1 or higher to suit your taste.)

Now i recommend a addon called VOTAN'S ADVANCED SETTINGS

Now you should be ready to play ill leave you all with a few screen shots to see what results you can expect.

Screen Shots