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Define rules to automatically take actions on your items.

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[also available on ESOUI]

ItemTrig is an inventory management add-on that allows you to define custom rules, to automatically perform actions on items in your inventory.

Custom rules come in the form of triggers. Each trigger has entry points, conditions, and actions. The entry point decides when ItemTrig should attempt to test the trigger's conditions; if all of the conditions are met, then the actions will be performed in sequence. This allows you to define flexible rules for handling items as they enter your inventory, or when you open certain services (e.g. crafting stations, merchants).

Here's a basic trigger, to serve as an example:

Name: Deconstruct intricate
Entry points: Crafting Menu Opened
1. The item [is] an [any equippable].
2. The item [is] intricate.
3. The current crafting station [is appropriate for] this item.
4. The player [has not] maxed out their [crafting skill for this item] skill.
1. Deconstruct the item.

If you were to define that trigger and then open the crafting menu, then ItemTrig would attempt to automatically deconstruct any intricate equipment in your inventory -- but only if you haven't already maxed out the relevant item skill!

One word of warning, though: ItemTrig will do exactly what you tell it to, even if that's not what you meant.

How does this compare to Dustman?
Dustman is fast and much simpler to set up. It's an excellent mod, and if you're not looking to perform specialized tasks, then it's the mod for you.

ItemTrig is more useful for specialized tasks. You may wish, for example, to destroy low-rarity stolen treasures unless they're useful for the Covetous Countess quest, in which case you might want them laundered instead. You may wish to destroy stolen lockpicks if you already have a full or nearly-full stack of "clean" ones. You may wish to destroy incoming equipment unless it belongs to a specific item set. ItemTrig gives you the building blocks to do any of these (and much more), but you have to assemble those building blocks yourself. The ability to do so is ItemTrig's raison d'être.

Extra notes
This add-on requires LibAddonMenu-2.0 and LibStub to function.

You can open the trigger editor via the add-on's options menu, or by entering /itemtrig edit in the chatbox.

ItemTrig has a gallery of built-in triggers. You can import triggers from the gallery, or between characters, by clicking the "Import" button in the main window.

Triggers can only run on items in your backpack. Your equipped gear does not count as being "in your backpack."

When writing your own triggers, consider enabling "Pretend Mode" in the options when you're testing. This feature prevents ItemTrig from taking any action on your inventory, instead announcing the actions it would take. It's a good way to make sure your "destroy these items that I don't care about" trigger doesn't match more than it's meant to!