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Randomizes spirit ash summons.
Changes who will be summoned when using spirit ashes. Lets you tune things like the maximum number of creatures a single summon can create, along with summon stats and summon costs.

Permissions and credits
Works with Elden Ring v1.10, and will usually work in future patches without me needing to update the program.

  • The current version of Mod Engine 2 does not manage save files, so if you have existing saves: go to "AppData\Roaming\EldenRing" and backup the save files within. Restore these backups before playing online, or you could potentially be banned.
  • Do not run this tool on Regulation.bin in Elden Ring's "Game" folder. If you do and play online, you could potentially be banned.

How to Use
  • Download Mod Engine 2 https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases
  • Copy "regulation.bin" from Elden Ring's "Game" folder to Mod Engine 2's "Mod" folder.
  • Run Summon Randomizer. If the program doesn't run, you may need to install .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime first.
  • In the program, click the "Browse" button and select "regulation.bin" you already copied to Mod Engine 2's "Mod" folder.
  • Change randomizer settings as desired. When you're ready, click "Randomize". After it's finished you can close it.
  • Run Mod Engine 2's "launchmod_eldenring.bat" to play with mods.

  • Fixed regulation.bin backup not being restored when clicking the randomize button and being prompted to restore backups (this prevents errors, strange issues, and inconsistent RNG when running the tool on an already-randomized regulation.bin).
  • Fixed empty SpEffect ID logic. This issue rarely triggered a "Couldn't find enough empty effect slots" error when it didn't need to.
  • Fixed program not working properly when launched from the start menu.
  • Updated to work with Elden Ring v1.08 due to BuddyParam paramdef changes.
  • Randomizer now creates output log that lists RNG seed, settings preset, and randomization details.
  • Fixed randomizer slightly modifying the AI of normal enemies that summons were copied from (exact effects are indeterminate and possibly nonexistent).
  • Under the hood Settings Presets changes. Any future updates that include new settings will now update out-of-date settings presets and notify the user.
  • Capped summon map collision radii (Prevents spawning in the ground. Incidentally lets them fit in small areas)
  • Adjusted spawn offsets.
  • Summons no longer retain NG+ scaling effects from whichever enemy they were copied from.
  • Added 'Balanced' preset.
  • Adjusted 'Reasonable' preset.
  • Removed accidental bad tooltips for certain UI elements
v1.0.0: Public Release
  • Changed/fixed how multi-buddy spawn offsets are calculated
  • Added a warning if you want to randomize a regulation.bin that already has a backup next to it
  • Misc UI and text adjustments
  • Included readme in download
v0.1.0: Beta release

If you want to learn more about modding Elden Ring, check out the FromSoft modding discord: https://discord.gg/mT2JJjx
If you want to see me rant about internal data for FromSoft games, here's my twitter: