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Elden Ring Ultimate Start

This save game starts you as a wrench, with very powerful gear, weapons, and spirits, and some more.
I decided to include 100k runes aswell.

Permissions and credits

This is only for OFFLINE play, do NOT go online with this, you will risk getting banned. 
Also make sure you have disabled your EAC. C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing 
In this folder, you will notice a map, with a lot of numbers, go in there, back up the 2 files you see there, and put in the save game files that 
you downloaded that in the rar file. 

In order to use this save game, Go to: 

Now about the save game, I have read a lot of people are new to the genre, or find the game rather difficult. 
For those I created this save game.
It has very powerful gear and weapons, and many magic spells, also some level 10 spirits got added.
100k runes, because in order to use some of the weapons etc, you do require to level up. 
With 100k you can start to level up a little bit to help you further along. 
All cooking books have been added. All bell rings have been added, which you can give to the witch in the round table area, to unlock all the possible shops. 
Which have all the materials etc to upgrade all weapons, and spirits. 

Have fun with this !

After looking into things, to be able to use this save file, follow the instructions here: